Fiona the High-Roller - A TftB tribute build

:diamonds: :clubs: :hearts: :spades: Fiona the High-Roller :spades: :hearts: :clubs: :diamonds:


A Tales from the Borderlands tribute build for Nisha

Gambler, fast-talker, con-artist… Fiona is many things. But after spending a few games across the poker table from Nisha… she learned how to become a gunslinger too.

The Pitchfork - Stick 'em where it hurts.

The Luck Cannon - Make your own luck.

The Sham - Fool 'em once, Sham on them.

Skill Tree:

Invincible Sentinel Kill:


I can’t believe how long it took people to take the Pitchfork seriously. I’ve been chanting it’s greatness since level 50.

Nice setup you have here buddy :smile: Looking forward to see more of this.

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looks good so far, from what i see, it looks like a sniper nisha build, and i am very interested to see how this progresses. keep up the good work! :smile:

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I think people don’t like it because it’s extremely difficult to get. I’ve played TPS pretty much everyday since Jan 1 and I’ve never seen it drop from a boss. I only got mine out of the grinder.

it’s a sick weapon

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To be fair, I’ve seen almost no legendary weapons drop, not just the Pitchfork. I grinded for all my legendaries, and I bet most people did too.

ive fought eclipse and EOS so much in test runs that ive seen most all the legendaries drop. but at level 50, it was thingys and grinding for sure.

I’m getting legendaries to drop all the time. Just yesterday I found a sick Dastardly Maggie in a chest in R&D and then while doing a mission a non DLC Bad Ass dropped a Fatale. I’ve also been getting alot of legendary grenade drops from Kraggons lately.

Nice build, but unfortunately this great gun Pitchfork can not be used extensively in the game. Only against such bosses. I would like to see this build in action against other mini bosses in the game.

The Pitchfork is a beast! It’s by far my fav sniper in the game. I have one that is luneshined with 30% chance to ignore shields. It’s a non-elemental version. prefix is Night for the extra crits that Nisha takes advantage of so well. :smile:

cool vid.

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Added a new video to the OP. More description is on its way soon :smiley:


Good job is pretty cool but ammo down

In an attempt to mitigate, use the sham and swap to luck canon, use the whip on occasion to fill the mag.

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You kill all bosses with build ? Deadlift , red and belly , master of équipage …

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I have a pitchfork for the big guys, and a couple luck cannons w/ a Crapshooter com for the rest. So, yes I killed everything. :stuck_out_tongue:


In the coming days I will farm equipment you need for this build I tried I would tell you if I enjoyed

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I test this weapon more damage

I tested your build I like him I first tried with fire pitchfrok and corro I was doing the damage but not enough after I got mulcher Nigth neutral pitchfork 120% critical hit and everything changed it’s just huge thank you to you for sharing your experience

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I was not sure we could kill all the bosses in the game with this weapon so I tried everything today and deadlift, felicity, iwajira, kiss, RK5, sentinel emperian (not invincible), eclipse beat EOS thank you again I would never have tried otherwise it gives this weapon like doing new things

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I disagree. The Pitchfork can beast any Boss in the game or any enemy period. I haven’t found one I couldn’t destroy yet with the pitchfork. I have it in every element and I just pick and choose the element to use according to the boss/area I am mobbing at that time. My only issue with the pitchfork is how quickly it goes through ammo. I just got a surgical pitchfork to drop from EOS yesterday. Don’t need this one as I collect the Night prefix versions of the Pitchfork.

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This is likely what Akdere1 had meant, at least, that’s what I was thinking when he said it haha. Great gun, just has ammo issues of course since its a sniper with a 2 ammo consumption.

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