Fire Control Tower Stats?

EDITED: Updated with current information.

Bonus granted per FCT and Vaygr Command Corvette:

Accuracy bonus: 15%
Damage bonus: 15%

Values are multiplicative up to 40%, meaning a ship must be inside the area of 3 FCTs to gain maximum effect.

FCTs do NOT affect the ships they are built on, meaning 3 Battlecruisers with FCTs require an escort
from a 4th ship with a FCT or a Command Corvette to gain maximum effect.

They’re the same stats for HGN and VGR carrier/BC/MS/shipyard fire control tower and VGR command vette:


ie 15% bonus to damage and accuracy to all ships in 4500m radius around the ship (not the subsystem), excluding the ship carrying it.

Note that those stats haven’t changed since HW2Classic.

I am not sure whether those stats are cumulative (ie if the bonuses stack if you have several fire control towers), but I would guess they do.

Not sure where that idea comes from, I’ve never seen or read anything hinting to that.

tuning.lua sets the cap on cumulated multipliers.

The max stack is 3 FCTs or command corvettes.

Thanks for the clarification on FCTs for both races matt. :thumbsup:

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The FCT effects do stack and hence with a group of 3 BCs you need each one to have a FCT if all are to gain the full 30% damage bonus.

I came across the info about Hiigarans having increased accuracy bonuses from FCTs in this thread on the relicnews forums from 2003.

The information about guided projectiles not benefitting from FCT bonuses is from the TFL clan’s guide (contains knowledge combined from TLSC, Chiken, TFL and some other clans), almost halfway down.

I see it, thanks for the info.

For reference:

– Cap values for the temporary multipliers. default is used if no exception is specified.
– This cap is the maximum multiplier applied by temporary effects like the fire control
– tower which are worked out each turn. These effects are multiplied together so having
– a number of command corvettes in an area provides a huge bonus. The numbers here specify
– the maximum value to which the temporary modifier can be raised. The names for the
– variables are the same as the names in HW2_MultipliersAndAbilitiesHowTo.doc
MultiplierCap = {
default = 1.5,
WeaponDamage = 1.4,
WeaponAccuracy = 1.4,
CloakDetection = 4.0,
VisualRange = 4.0,
PrimarySensorsRange = 2.0,
SecondarySensorsRange = 2.0,
HealthRegenerationRate = 4.0,

As you can see the max weapon damage/accuracy bonus is actually 40% (that was also the case in HW2Classic). You indeed need at least 3 bonus sources to reach it (1.15^2 = 1.3225, 1.15^3 = 1.52 cap’d to 1.4).

You’ll note that since fire control towers don’t affect the ship carrying them, 3 battlecruisers together will only get the bonus from the two nearby cruisers, ie 32.25% bonus each - but other friendly units near them will get the full 40% bonus from the three towers.

Has been thinking it was 30% instead of 40%
I guess something was missed back then.

I thought it was 30% too…

This 40% bonus is news to me. Thanks for looking into that further matt.

Am I right in understanding that with stacked FCTs, bonuses are not calculated using the base values of a ship?


if base ship dmg = 100, and the same ship is placed inside 2 FCT areas simultaneously:

dmg = 100x(1.15)^[no. of FCTs] = 132.25

and NOT:

100x(1+(0.15x[no. of FCTs]) = 130 ?

tuning.lua comments clearly specify the effects are multiplicative, which implies two fire towers will apply 1.15*1.15 bonus - therefore your first formula is indeed correct.

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Good to know, appreciate the help. :wink:

It’s a shame that cap is listed in tuning.lua and not the ability itself.

And I’m guessing this means there is no ability to mitigate damage.

Cumulative is not precise enough, I think, the right word is multiplicative.

The list of useable modifiers (at least in HW2C) can be found here.

Looks like the best you can do is increase max health and/or health regen (note that “shield” in this context represents resistance to EMP I believe).

So you can actually make an aura that increases HP so long as things are in it? I was giving a bad example on that, then.

Interesting, though it’d be wonky having HP bars bump up and down when they enter and leave the aura. Damage mitigation or armor makes way more sense for that sort of thing.

And yeah, shield is EMP.