Fire Hose Moze Items, Have a lot to trade

I just got the Kyb’s with fire and +125% splash anoint. So now I’m looking for two very specific things:

Blast Master Class Mod (with redistribution) with splash dmg, weapon dmg, and grenade dmg (looking for at least splash dmg and weapon dmg)

Last Stand Otto Idol with grenade dmg, mag size, and AOE dmg (prefer at least AOE dmg and mag size)

Also have a lot of other stuff for non-moze players. Redistributors +100, +125, SNTNL, etc. EMP5 SNTNL, electric banjo, Ion Cannons, grenades +25, link to list below

Doing something xmas stuff for a bit will be back on later.

I have a Blast Master Class Mod (with redistribution) with splash dmg, weapon dmg and maybe some other gear your interested in. My gt EU Edgey

Hey man I dont have exactly what your looking for but I have a fire/rad kybs worth with the consecutive hits annointment which works really good in this build if you don’t want to proc the ase annointment. I also have a cryo and shock variant with 125 splash dmg. I’m looking for the redistributer with sntl annoint and the craders emp5. I also have bbb / stop gap with 75% shield and health on ase. Or if there is any thing else your looking for

Yeah. That sounds good, what Are you looking for?

Rico shield with 50% corrosive
last stand victory rush with 40% mag, aoe dmg, heavy dmg

I might have the idol…let me look. I would like the redistributive if possible

Sounds good man.

you got it, when will you be on?

One with grenade damage, one with mag size. I thought I had one with both. Sorry. If you still want either let me know. In on right now Slayer2003z

I’ll be on anytime tomorrow just send me a message when your online and I’ll jump on.

im on now if your online

Hey bud, what is the capacity of your BBB with 75% increased shields after exiting IB?

It’s I think around 5600-5700

Hi. I have 2 blast masters with redistribution, splash damage and weapon damage.
Can I trade you for the fortified bloodletter with health regen and the lv 1 stop gap with health regen? I’ve been looking everywhere for them!! Thanks!
Gamertag: faxanadonuts