Fire kybs worth

does anyone have a fire Kybs Worth with the After exiting Iron Bear - 160% increased splash damage for 18 seconds anointment

Been trying all week. Can’t get even one Kyb’s of any element with that anoint.

Must be ulta rare. I must have seen a hundred Kyb’s drops with lots of anoints.

None with anything splash related.

Mostly got +75 FD on Action. Action cool down stuff, and gun damage … life steal and unlimited ammo.

Did get a few with +1 on consecutive hits which are the best really with the new Knowledge relics.

It took me nine straight hours of Takedown, but I finally got one.

It’s fire/cryo. 1083x2. Only down side is mag size is 24.

after exiting Iron Bear, gain 160% Splash Damage for 18 seconds,