Fire Walk with Me is misleading

I was recently getting a surprising amount of kills with nullify, especially for a skill that claims to do so little damage. To find out why, I took a closer look at Orendi’s level 1 helix “Fire Walk with Me”.

According to the description, this helix does “+40 Damage over 5 seconds”, which I expected to mean 40 total damage delivered in small amounts. However, in-game testing has shown that this does 40 damage every tick and ticks about twice every second. This would put the total damage over 5 seconds at 400.

This means that before helix 4, nullify can do more damage than shadowfire pillar. It also makes other helix choices like “Burned and Busted” and “Dismissed!” look much less useful, and could explain why “Nihilism” is only a 15% buff.

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Also, it would be difficult to use this against other battleborn but if you are trying to kill the thrall mercenary for example. You can turn away from him and use nullify with fire walk with me and it will drop all of the fire procs underneath the mercenary and will do a ton of damage.

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As an Orendi main, I’m skeptical, but interested. I do know that with certain skills like kleeses not heal chair it procs every .5 seconds for only 60, so I’d be surprised if they ignored precedence. I wouldn’t know though, as I only use nullify as a disengage and never see its damage.

Looking more closely, Fire Walk drops 4 small fires that each tick independently. If an enemy takes damage from all 4 for the full 5 seconds, the total damage would be about 1600. The harder part is getting that damage to hit. I find “Let’s Bounce” is a big help in aiming the fire, and can even get some hits in on enemy battleborn.

Im confused. Your reply is pretty much what I stated unless maybe I’m reading it wrong?

I was saying that when you attack the thrall mercenary camps in incursion you can have every tick from all of the fires. If you turn around and use the thrall as a wall himself you can have all of them land on the same point and all of them would damage the thrall.

As for using it against other battleborn I typically use it as a deterrent for battleborn chasing me. If they do follow me though at least they’ll take some damage. However, if it is a large enemy like Isic or Montana it’s possible to use the same method as on the thrall mercenaries and land the fires underneath them. However, they do a lot of damage and likely won’t stand as still.

This is really confusing because some helix have “XXX damage per seconds” and others have “XXX damage over Xsec”

For example we have Oscar Mike Napalm “[…]dealing damage over time to nearby enemies. +720 Damage over 6 Seconds”

And we have Ambra Ultimate “[…]dealing 20 damage over 5 seconds.” I really hope it’s 20 damage per seconds because if it’s really “over” it means 4 damage per seconds… (btw 20 per seconds is also very low)