Firestorm not working correctly?

Has anyone else have the problem of their firestorm not doing it’s special effect? I got a super awesome new firestorm and it shoots like a pea gun. It doesn’t even shoot out it’s fireballs. Did this get super nerfed or is this a bug?


I am having the same issue with the firestorm. Thought it was just me, the Storm version of this weapon has the same issue. The lightning effect does not show up.
I would guess there will be a fix for this, I hope.

Same here my firestorm not working right and I’m on xbox

Hope it’s only not working properly. Like so many online or online capable games, I fear they had nerfed these two weapons, especially if some people who love PVP complained about them being over powered.

I’m hoping its not nerfed and just bugged. This a just horrid for those who love the gun.

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Its a bug and GB is aware



Put you Firestorm and Storm in the bank until there is a fix. Both rifles are exceptional weapons

I am having same issue with Compressing Storm (Amazing Sniper), Krakatoa & Firestorm. I use these weapons alot and not being able to use them is very frustrating. I’m on a PS4 Pro. My brother and I play and we were like what’s going on. Hope it’s fixed very soon.

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Krakatoa is still functional

Thx for the heads up. I just figured it wasn’t working as well

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Kraka is all good Goji, fire that shiv to hearts content! Pew pew!

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Ok so I’m not the only having issues with storm front and firestorm not doing projectiles hope this is fixed soon. I just got a 300% dmg on en emy’s above 90% hp and was like heck ya

Firestorm was never rated as being all that amazing but the Storm is one of my favorites. I hope this makes its way into a patch soon as I’ve collected a few that seem like they would be pretty awesome … if they worked correctly.