Firestorm / Storm

Nobody is talking about the Fire Storm on Moze but it’s pretty dope!

I’ve done the same exact setup with the Krakatoa and the Firestorm beats it out in the same kill. For mobbing I’m putting on a Blast Master and using Storm/Firestorm I have both with the 160% and it’s very good! I know not everyone has a one-shotter but the results are very similar with a normal Re-router. You can also get super lucky with the Mindsweeper and instagib him. Without Mindsweeper its actually still a fast kill.


I can get the firestorm to work easy but I just cant get storm to be good on her idk. I also cant find a blast or mind with sniper dmg lol

Storm is super easy. You want a mindsweeper, Experimental Munitions, and a short fuse build.


If ur on ps4 yea I could def use a good minesweeper mod. I only have a solid one for like jakobs weapons since has won dmg, jakobs crit, mag size but I need something that helps my non jakobs weapons

That looks familiar. :wink:


I’m using a krakatoa with 125 incendiary and it’s a beast. My current build is not made for snipping tbh, the GM was put there just for the sniper dmg bonus, even with out it, the dmg it’s amazing.

I like the Firestorm better for mobing. Pure damage on boss Krakatoa of course.
I like the storm on my other VH but on Moze I already had a shock Faisor so…