[Firing range] good against remotes is one thing... bad hit detection

Maybe it is me but this has to be one of the worse achievement/trophy of the game. Especially on console for me on PS4 it is near impossible too complete this. Even with the infinite ammo gun cause the hit detection is very bad plus you can barely see the targets.

Please actually allow AoE guns like the flak to work on this crappy achievement/trophy…

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Put your brightness all the way up, also having others in your game to help is possible.


My tv is allready on a bright setting and i am not into playing with strangers which is rather silly for a fire range imo.

The biggest problem is the hit detection is really unforgiving, plus add that some marks despawn within a second. This is not a challenge atm it is just frustratingly broken atm.

It’s a really stupid trophy… And the only one I don’t have. I literally cannot get it. Have spent hours.

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I used the Night Hawkin. Super accurate, fast firing SMG. I also had a relic that gave me an extra 40% mag size so I didn’t run out during the challenge. Completed it the 3rd time I tried it using that setup.

I’m betting the Nemesis pistol would work really well too. When you aim down sights with it the gun angles so you can easily see the targets without the sights getting in your way. It’s also very fast firing burst which works really well to make sure the hit detection on the targets tracks at least one of the bullets.

I’m convinced that it’s not possible to get this solo on console. I’ve tried it with the Infinity, I’ve tried it a Shreddifier with Moze’s green skill tree for the greatly increased mag size. I’ve tried it with several other weapons. I’ve yet to get more than 13/15. Sadly it seems like I’m going to have to boost it in co-op.

Maybe someone could help me, I just can not do it … psn Captain-gonzo1

Random Q: Has anyone tried Grenades, like the storm front?

I’ve not done the trophy myself, but I have a longbow storm front, so thinkining pepper the top back and back bottom with grens and use my weapon to focus on the front and odd movers

Like others have said, range with friends seems to be the right approach

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You can do this with co-op. Who ever pushes the button gets the credit. Did it with 2 people. Extremely easy trophy.

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i did it solo, i put the sensitivity to as low as possible and use the bipod mode of the dictator. Did it on the first try.

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This 100%.

Always struggled myself previously hitting 9 maybe 10/15.

Randomly dropped a dictator today, so thought i’d give it a whirl.

Couple of tips.

1: Beg/Steal/Borrow Dictator and put in bipod mode (shoots 5/6 projectiles horizontally for 2 ammo.

2:Stand about dead centre of the range and walk back to where the button is just in your peripheral view - this i found to be perfect spot

3: Don’t aim down sights. This narrows the shooting width.


+1 for the Dictator in bipod mode.

I’d already tried just about everything else I could think of, but smashed out the achievement in just a couple of attempts using the Dictator.

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Boy would you hate the last step of the " last word" quest in Destiny 2. Lol

I just tried and failed miserably over 30 times. I feel you though. These kind of challenges are you on consoles, especially if your tv doesn’t have some kind of low latency mode.

It’s not extremely easy when you need others to get it. Ha ha ha

You don’t but it helps.

Also helps if you coordinate your shooting…rather than everyone shooting @ the same target (facepalm):joy:

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If you happen to come across the Tidal Wave keep it for the firing range. It works best with moze and the bottomless mag tree. The coverage it has on the firing range is perfect and the ricochet effect covers the fast moving targets that are hard to see. Took me three tries solo to get the trophy.

Even with the Dictator, I still can’t do it… If anyone could help I’d appreciate it very much :frowning: psn trignitatres