Firing range perfect score help!

Need some help getting the perfect score on firing range. Can anyone help me get the trophy in co-op mode? Psn: P_Cheese_6

I guess I can do that. :wink:
Sending you fr. I can be slow on reply/invite and not necessarily “on” all the time even if it look like so.

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I managed to get this done with a infinity pistol, in case you can’t get help.


Nice! :+1: Done a long time ago with my wife.
Usually not a fan of the Infinity but yeah. Good idea.

I haven’t tried, but with Moze and bottomless mags, you might be able to do this with an Ogre. Can’t recall if splash counts against those targets or not.

Thanks for the tips. Finally got it through co-op mode! Took a couple of tries, but eventually we got the 100% score.

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Wasn’t my best shot. Should had bring a pistol. Vladof AR are not the most accurate. :wink:
but we managed. :+1: