First attempt at Heliophage on Advanced with 5 players

My god that giant Varelsi that launches a never ending barrage of homing missiles was the real boss fight of that level. Once we got to Rendain it was pretty easy; got him down to zero health, game says “mission updated” and then boom, swarm of adds knocks out all 4 of us remaining and we lose the mission. After we had literally just killed Rendain. Match took about an hour. So damned furious right now it’s not even funny.

Killing Rendain ends the mission. Breaking his shield triggers the boss spawns.

Was it hardcore? Or you were out of lives? if you killed Rendain it should have been over

No, was just regular advanced. We killed all the summoned bosses, hammered Rendain, killed him but as we killed him we all died, mission failed.

The worst part on 5p is by far the phase with Nix we had over 20 Thrall Bruts littered around the field and about 7 of um wher right on the middle platform where you get launched after spawning. So after wasting a life you would ether get knocked of by them charge spaming Or get morter strikes rainning death upon you as you traded death for destruction :stuck_out_tongue:

I was lucky to join a good group of US players doing it, and we got gold which was my first run on it. It took a long time, and it felt very RAID like because of the difficulty and time taken.

The funniest part is right towards the end of the Rendain fight where the middle is littered with badass Thralls. If you die the jump pad takes you right into the middle of them…DOH :wink:

I did it last night with an orendi, thorm, attikus, alani (me)

Once we did the first crystal we all speed run to the next amd ignored all the adds and destroy add spawners to open the doors

On riendane its best to take him on the plateform where there snow and stairs with a plateform above it… set all ur range characters on too and keep ur melee chars at the bottem with there backs towards the wall

When reindane spawns the bosses let them come to u depending which one is spawned first

When u killed all the bosses and reindane joins the fight the second time keep him on the top floor and keep ur range players attacking him whilst melee deal with adds that jump up onto the plateform… u can quick melee them back off and keep doing this until reindane is dead

We got gold for it and isic left after the first crystal we had about 3 deaths only the add phase is easy to do if u get to 1 of the plateforms

Other then this… majority of groups fails because of low damage on first crystal if u destroy the crystal with less then 8mins left u will fail the mission also if players are dying before the first crystal a lot ur team is very bad and should quit the instance

This also apply to sobateur, experiment, void edge, archive, renegade… if ur group is dealing low damage u will get over run which cause the objective to get destroyed as ur not killing fast enough to prevent enemies from getting to the objective

Also if ur playing a brand new character u have not played before please stick to normal mode and stop joining advance mode ur just draging the team down

Another issue with advance mode i see often is players pushing to hard this is noticable on Sentinal, if u jump down the cliff and all go seperate ways… ur dead as u have spawned the entire zone… u will have to deal with consent spawners… thralls spawning minions and a lot of brutes… u will die very very very quickly if ur group does not stick together