First blood tiebreaker

Apparently I missed the note where they decided to change the tiebreaker to first blood instead of score…Am I the only one who thinks this is absolutely ridiculous? I just had a 4v5 where my team had to work our tails off to keep them from taking out our 2nd sentry and all push up to nuke their 1st sentry when we got a couple of them down and a minion wave through. We end up with higher score and I think we are golden, to only then see “defeat. Loss by first blood”. There’s gotta be a better tiebreaker than who got the first kill before everybody unlocks a thing…


I had not heard of it or experienced but that is absolutely riduculous!

I expect some backlash!

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The first blood tiebreaker is supposed to happen when the average player score is even for both teams. While there have been situations where the average player score tiebreaker glitches out and gives the win to the team with the lower score, I’ve never come across a situation like this where it jumps straight to first blood.


I’ve seen this happen sometimes, I’m pretty sure it’s been in the game since launch. Who thought that’s a valid tiebraker though… Beats me.
I mean, sorry to that person but… No.

I guess it’s there as a last resort as the only tiebreaker that mechanically can never be a draw. Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with both teams being announced the winner, and then everyone being ordered to gather close for a big hug.


Only ever seen that once, but it was a one off glitch when the other team surrendered and it said we won by first blood.

To be honest, it is such a rare occurrence for a complete tie that I don’t think it’s an issue.

Here’s a weird thought. What if the game drew, the score was tied and nobody got a kill during the entire game. What does the game go to in that scenario?

Minion kills?

It’s been like this since beta. It first checks sentry status (gonna ignore other modes as that’s extremely rare) then scores, and last first blood.

I’ve literally never had it come to down to FB ever. EVER.

Usually it just draws out and you move on. Pretty stupid to have it decided by something that happened 29m ago.

“Oh just so you know guys in case we have a draw we need to get FB”

Yup, I’ve only had it once. It makes Shaurox even more valuable

They seem to experiment with this from time to time. One day 50-50 is Defeat by average score, other day 50-50 means unananimous Win (never seen message saying why my team has won in clear tie situation) . A guess simple Tie has no place in stats and thus is unthinkable :wink:

Yeah I’ve been playing since day one with a few weeks break prior to last week or so, and I had never seen this until now. It was a huge slap in the face, hopefully not a lot of matches have been decided like this.