First Borderlands game with no vendor legendaries

It was ultra rare in BL2, but it was still possible. It definitely happened in BL1 and presequel. It’s a real shame that it never happens in BL3. Gives me zero incentive to even look at vending machines late game.

What would be the harm in having a small chance of vendor legendary loot? Especially Crazy Earl where people are desperate to have things to spend eridium on.

Loved finding a legendary in the machine since BL1. Taking some steps backward here. Please give incentives to search everywhere for legendaries and not just Graveward or Traunt.


There are still plenty of things to purchase that are possibly better than most legendaries from vending machines so they are still useful for late game. This iteration of BL is the best for going through story with gearing from vending machines too. I will agree though it would be nice if legendaries could show up.


All I’m asking for is the tiny chance like previous games. Earl’s machine would benefit the most since people have fist fulls of eridium.

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I find awesome grenades, a few class mods that better fit my build, and even found my highest shield in one. Just takes some patience and a few seconds occasionally.

But sure, legendaries in vendors could be a nice addition.

I got an anointed Stagecoach from earls machine that outperforms my hellwalker. I would like to find anointed legendaries in the machine don’t get me wrong - but I’m definitely always checking for other level guns anyways.

Yeah, having regular legendaries available from vending machines and anointed legendaries available from Earl would go a long way towards keeping money and eridium relevant in the endgame. It seems like such a simple solution.

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