First Build Help and Suggestions

Like many before me, I’m looking for a bit of input into building my very own Siren. I’m starting from scratch with her and am looking for ideas/suggestions/help for building her from the ground up.

If it helps; I’m mostly familiar with playing as Gaige. (I use DT for crowd control and stronger foes i need an extra boost with)

My play style teeter-totters between a range of types–but mostly a sturdy character who can survive a host of situations and predicaments while still dealing enough damage to matter and destroy enemies. I use my Action Skill mostly for mob control and to help Balance odds against me. And oddly, I really dislike using shotguns.

Any help anyone can offer would be fantastic. And yes, I have done some research I’m just looking for a little added info. Thanks!

@Derch’s “Twisted Pimp” is kind of the cookie cutter, Jack-of-all-trades siren. Pretty tanky, has slag up the wazoo, and only needs 2 pimpernels and some neutral element gear to get going.

Check out the build on YT and the forums. You can’t really go wrong with it.


[quote=“Ninja_Mrrr, post:1, topic:1551092”]I’m starting from scratch with her and am looking for ideas/suggestions/help for building her from the ground up.[/quote]Unless someone drags you helplessly up to a much higher level, you’re sort of “forced” to learn how each of her skills work, one point at a time. In Normal mode, none of her skills are terrible, so knock yourself out - you kind of can’t go wrong. By the time you get to TVHM, you’ll have a pretty good grasp of what works and what doesn’t, and by the time you’re ready to jump into UVHM (and have enough points to spend across much of her trees), where builds can really be the difference between life and death, the resources mentioned above are good places to start. If you have a question about a particular skill as you get enough points to invest in it, just ask.

I just fill points here and there until I’m sufficiently levelled to get Converge. That is the most important early skill as far as I’m concerned.

I personally recommend Derch’s Twisted Pimp build or Spunky’s Nurse Build
Twisted Pimp [Build] Maya the Twisted Pimp
Spunky’s Nurse Build Spunky’s Guide to Nursing
Twisted Pimp is if you want something for everything and nurse for well nursing and survivability on the level of a raid boss. Outside of that the Master Build List is great place to find builds
Master Build List Siren Master List: Build Collection

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