(First Build) Krieg The Soldier- A gun-based build

Alright, for a while, I’ve been thinking into going into the forbidden zone and test Krieg- With guns! My load-out consists mostly of Blood-Bath compatible weapons and bloodlust stackers.

Build: http://bl2skills.com/psycho.html#55000500055100550405100005555100000


Shotties: Twister, Omen, Slow Hand for slag, Swordsplosion! ,Carnage, Maybe Blockhead.

Ar’s: Ogre, Kerblaster, Seeker(Flesh Crunch), and The Hail.

Pistols: DPUH, Gunerang, Infection(Bloodlust stacking), Hornet, Maybe Grog, Maaaaaaybe Wanderlust.

SMG’s: Tediore PC, Florentine, Baby Maker(Raid), Avenger.(Raid)

RL’s: Badaboom, Topneaa, Norfleet(Raid gear)

Snipers: Pimpernel, nuff said.

Grenades: Low-level Storm-Front, Low-level Quasar/Slag Singularity, Slag Bouncing Bonnie, Maybe a Fastball.

COM’s, Leg.Reaper, BloodBlister(raid), Flesh Crunch.

The only shield you need is the Rough Rider.

Tell me what you guys think.

Ah, I’ll see if I can learn how to make the link work again.

It should just be a simple copy and paste if that doesn’t work than idk what’s wrong.


Don’t know what to think of the build to be honest. Its a hybrid build I’ll get an expert in here to help you @gulfwulf

Why a low level Storm Front? Even an OP8 one can’t really damage you. I ask because you aren’t specced into Elemental Empathy, and if you are running a Rough Rider with a highly aggressive play style this is the combo that keeps you alive between ‘Thrill of the Kill’ procs.

And your build looks fine, but I’ll just post mine to show how I personally spec.
Rough Rider/L. Reaper
You could put the extra points in ‘Thrill of the Kill’ into StF if you use a Flesh Crunch often.

And as for my personal harsh constructive criticism since you seem to know what you are doing I would…

  • Ditch the slag Slow Hand - you don’t need that high of elemental effect chance, its really easy to slag yourself, its really easy to kill yourself, and its a waste of your precious SG ammo.
  • The Wanderlust is bad simply put.
  • I like the Slagga personally, but the Florentine is good too.
  • Relics?

Hmm, you make a good argument. As for relics I would use a stockpile/ grenade damage relic for Fastball abuse, and idk, ancient relics?

The blood of the ancients relic is both a vitality and a stockpile, it might worth a test.

UPDATE: My graphics card has blown and I might have videos about the build maybe on the 25th.

Update: I have perfected my build and need suggestions for recording software

If you have a

  1. Nvidia graphics card - ShadowPlay
  2. AMD - I forget
  3. If you don’t have either of those I’d suggest the trial version of Bandicam, yes it has the stupid water mark and is more taxing on your PC, but it has been kind to me. And is my go to for all game videos and pictures. (Basically because its the best pick I found as I can’t use the top 2 with my PC)

EDIT: @rashardcloud the best free ones

Cool, I have a Nvidia graphics card. Expect a vid up soon.