First crystal puzzle bugged at Mayhem 1?

Decided to run through the takedown on M1 to see if speed demon would help with completing the run. Three times I cleared the first room only for the door to open by itself.

I have completed it at M10 (co-cooperatively) and we had to activate the crystals before the door would open.

Has anyone else had this bug or can replicate it? I am on PS4

Video below:

Dis you played with hotfix? I was testing the scaling on friday playing on M10 without hotfix loaded, and it was like that all the time.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes hotfix is applied. We completed it at M10 with hotfix off, but had attempts with it on also. Every time we needed to charge the crystals before opening the door. The next crystal puzzle is working as intended. I will give it one more run and see if it is still like this then try hotfix off.

Then maybe it’s a bug, not related to difficulty.

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First crystal is somewhat a tutorial, once you beat takedown once door auto opens.


Ah, OK. Makes sense as my first completion was on M10 co-operatively (I fell out of the final boss arena solo on M4 and rage quit :rofl:

Maybe, but not definitely. Cause on day1 I’ve finished the Takedown on lower difficulty, then played on M10 and still have to charge first pair of crystals. It was in coop, both games as me as host.

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If you got coop partners who havent finished it, it needs to be charged. If they do finished it no need, did it with my storage account.

Well I am just running it again at M1 with hotfix on and it is back to usual. I will do another run with hotfix off at m1 and see if there is any change…

We did both runs together, so that’s not a case.

It is weird then, lol

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Further testing has confirmed what @GrzesPL said… crystals need charging with hotfix on, door opens automatically with hotfix off:

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Well, I just don’t know what is going on. Just ran it again with the hotfix on and doors opened automatically. FFS!!!

Maybe just bugged.

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Must be. Heres’ a run from loading screen to show hotfix is applied:

I wonder if we can bill Gearbox for this beta testing we are doing for them…

My runs are all with hotfix on and doors is open except on my first try and in coop.

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I’ve seen this… my total run count is four though, and I’ve seen this exactly once.

Are you save/quitting between runs? Like if I run the gauntlet, get back to Sanctuary, clear the Lost Loot Machine, maybe change the Mayhem Level, and go back, they’re still open? If I quit the game entirely, they’re closed?

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I haven’t done any testing of that combination as of yet.

This actually makes sense. I was goofing around exploring and doing other things, the crystals never detonated. The door wouldn’t open unless I charged them though.

Haven’t gone back due to current issues, but the first set being a tutorial makes perfect sense.

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