First? Full Metal Jackets!

Getting this with the new Mike dlc was tough.


Impressive. I haven’t touched it yet. Been busy with Diamond medals and trying to obtain a Bola’s.

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Nicely done. I’ve still got a few skins to get, and then there’s the problem of that last damn Ops point.

…Yup, this dlc is hard to get better than 90 OPs.
In the other two I can do 100 Ops each time.

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Definitely not first, haha.

But good job! Nice to see others that are completionists like myself.

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Yup, not first, but among the elites! Good work! I know how much of a grind it is.

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Done this 30h and 18 minutes after the release, so no, not first ^^ I bet I was not the first too.


Good to see there’s a club for this :slight_smile: