First full playthrough - uvhm or OP8?

I’ve got a bunch of characters, the highest a Maya at level 70. I’ve so far avoided most of the side quests and have only done 2 DLCs and one headhunter pack and some restrictions on skills/gear, mainly because I thought I’d keep some of the content fresh until I do a full playthrough of everything (might not be the best way).

I’m wondering if I should do a ‘100%’ playthrough with a level 50 Maya through uvhm (side quests, dlcs, headhunter, possibly raid bosses) or wait until I’ve reached OP8 and then do this. Waiting until OP8 would mean the game is at its highest challenge level, but it wouldn’t have the same gear and character progression you’d get if you did the whole thing after entering uvhm at level 50.

For those who have done both or similar, what do you think is the most ‘fun’ way to do all of the content in one playthrough? BTW I’m looking to do either playthrough with ‘found’ weapons and quest rewards only (i.e. no farming except for raid bosses and possibly OP levels).

I would personally do the 100% Maya playthrough starting at UVHM if gear/character progression really matters to you. It’s kind of the same thing I did with one of my Salvadors, except I admittedly did skip some of them. Plus some of them are pretty canon with the story (e.g. Handsome Jack Here!, Shielded Favors, Do No Harm, Rock, Paper Genocide!, etc.). I have a 51 Maya sitting, ready to do UVHM, so I might do the same.

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Thanks. Yeah I’m erring toward doing it from uvhm/50 (from another Maya currently in tvhm) and it’s really the progression side of things that I’m concerned will be left out. And more so if you’re doing found weapons/quest rewards/no cloudkill only for that playthrough.

I mean I have a L70 Maya almost ready for OP and I will possibly do a playthrough after DP eventually. I was just wondering what others did in case I did the former and thought I might as well have done the latter! Maybe I should just get on with it. Cheers for the advice.

Only recently (now that I’ve got a couple dozen characters) have I done OP8 resets. I prefer an equal mix of story and end-game - so I’m not super eager to get a character to OP8 just to get right back to the story. There are raids and DLCs and arenas to conquer.

My most recent OP8 characters went straight there asap - I have my standard set of XP farming targets to get them to 72. I saved all the quest-rewards til then (Heartbreaker, Pimp, etc). At that point I still had lots of story to get through anyways.

I typically fall back on the easy upgrade farms to get me up the Peak : Hornet, Bee, Lyuda, Harold, etc.
Plus masses of mid-OP level gear on characters and mules.