First full review as a lv3

I’ve waited to make this review to get a full impression of the actual game, since I wanted to get some experiences to give a good feedback, and with 10 hours of games, here’s my thoughts !

Client :
So far this remind me the new client from league of legends, regardless of this, it’s pretty nice.
The news oppening are welcome to know what’s going on and be always updated of the news cards or changes to the games.
Hangout is a nice idea, it’s cool to be able to spectate a match while speaking with others players about the game or others things.
Loot is mandatory to open the chest, the design and animations are clean. I can see that we’ve got unlimited keys, did they work like Goldens Keys of BorderLands or can be looted like chest, that’s a question. I wonder about the limit of 6 chests, did this means keys are gonna be rare/epic like loot and we gonna need to choose to let common chest closed, waiting for rare/epic one ? (Ain’t see legendary one) Or just throw them away to be able to loot chest again ? Meh… Better uncap this
Collection is a clear space to build up decks, with videos to be able to know what’s the weapons/cards do. The sorting of the cards can be set as the player want, good things.
Profile is closed, a place to see some stats ? Changes the character skin or somethings else ?
Store, closed too, and a scary things to be honest. I bet keys and chests may gonna be on purchase and make the game kinda like a Pay 2 Win, hope this ain’t happen. However characters skins or weapons skins can be some idea on purchase to customize the characters.

Cards :
Weapons :
Rocket is godlike for a common weapons, high damage and a great radius, with a low reload time, a good bullet speed and no gravity effect on the projectile. With the rocket jump ability, this weapon’s over powered in my opinion. The 30 build, who added self damage, may balance this weapons.
Shotgun is like a russian roulette, can 100 to 0 or just kill yourself, depend how you use it (Cinders is a great perks for sneaky OS). Huge reload time compared to the others weapons tho.
Detonader is really fun to use, and require some skill with the gravity and alt fire. Usefull to shot in corner or over a wall, a great weapons overall.
Railgun ain’t got a lot of damage, use it feel great and the alt ability is really dope when the air jump perk ins’t choosed, this weapons is more like a utility one instead of a damage dealing one. Nice idea
Tesla coil is my favorite so far, the dps is nice, but it require a nice aiming, balanced.
Bit blaster, for this one I need to unlock it, seen it twice tho, it ain’t really seems to deal a lot of dps, however the alt fire seems to be totally broken, but it’s not a legendary loot for nothing, right ?

Perks :
Air jump, the classic double jump, really usefull when you discover maps, but it’s not mandatory in my opinion (e.g, no air jump but railgun in the pocket)
Cinders is a tricky one, can be used to escape or be like “here’s Jhonny” and boom sneaky one shot with the shotgun. 5 charges are right.
Human flames, damn I love this one, be able to control the trajectory and get a kill with it feel so nice. And a life saver if you fall in a pit.
Meteor is a good skillshot, pretty usefull with a great range and radius, and decent damage.
Mines is the tool to be combine with some sneaky gameplay or agressive one, the slow is maybe too hard but the wall hack is not too long or over powered tho.
Phase reverse, with good reflex this one can recover all your health or save you from a fall, 4 charges and a short cooldown make it decent. After the cast there’s some bugs for the moment (Like getting teleport under map or in a wall), but the most annoying is to be reposittionned really quickly, wich is great, but confusing with the animation… I bet we’ve got to deal with it, that’s how phase revert work after all.
Adrenaline is easy to proc when you know the maps, even easier with air jump, the random effects are really great and the cooldows is just right.
Bubble sheild is a skilled one, the opponent can choose to just don’t fire and dodge the damage reflection if he hitted some shoots.
Recall is kinda tricky, more usefull in term of mindgame instead of pure damage dealing.
Excalibur is maybe my favourite of all, the time that excalibur is ready can be used as a bait, the full health regen when picked up is kinda overpowered, and the abilty feels like a second human flame, but even better.
Vampiric, maybe one of the most hard to master, but when you got it, it’s a godlike time.
Sentry, ain’t got this one, just seeing it, the dps is insane, nice resistance. The fact it can be skirt round to be destroyed make it feel useless some time, positionning is the key for this one.
CodeBreaker, ain’t got it too, ain’t see someone with it, just at the descriptions, seems really overpowered, but since wallhack is every 5s for .5s, this balance out the ability, and the requierement to trigger it are not easy in my opinion… Let’s see in the future

Gameplay :
Sometimes I play Jump Around, by House of Pain, while playing, jump because you’ll often see people jumping around, like a dancing fight.
However, once mastered a bit, the movement feels nice, weapons switch is quick, health pack spawn often and can be used as informations to spot the enemy. The audio isn’t bad too, it help to track the enemy with the character and environnements noises. 1v1’s can be rush like or mindgame like, depending on opponents.
5mn is great for a match, maybe a kill limit (Like if one player got more than 10 kills ahead, auto win for him) to prevent unfair match.
Queu time are so so great ! Gonna be even better when the game come out I guess.
Maps are well designed, an open space with multiple floor, great to play hide and seek but not too huge to never find the enemy.

Missing things :
Deck switcher in game, maybe we can choose two deck instead of one, this can add some mindgame in the 1v1.
Stats, winrate… Hope it come with the profile
Custom emote ?

Sorry for the all the misspellings, this post could be edited, in the case it will be notified
Ao No Loki