First gameplay of the new DLC

We get some Gaige, some Deathtrap and a brief look at the first two areas. Enjoy!


I need to see if Gaige has the same VA as in 2…

Edit: Yep it’s Cherami Leigh again!

The beginning looks really nice.

Is it wrong that I immediately don’t trust that guy at the Lodge?


All that’s missing is a torgue voice over “he’s gonna betray the Fu** Outta you!”


I didn’t remember Gaige sounding so much like Tiny Tina. :thinking:

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Can someone identify the weapons Moze is using in that clip early on?

I obviously did not find them yet myself. :frowning:

Ifthey are not new guns with similar looks and function as ones in the base game, which I don’t think they are, we got: Night Hawkin for the SMG(the one used at the start), Rowan’s Call for the one with the alien barrel, Conference Call for the Hyperion shotgun, and Ruby’s Wrath for the launcher. For IB we have the Bear Fist with Close the Distance augmentation and Vanquisher Rocket Pods with the Target Softening augmentation.



Looks to me like;
Night Hawkin
Rowans Call
Conference Call

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I can give you one of each if you’d like. They are all awesome weapons.

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We can find out a bit more from these two clips from Arrekz Gaming

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Thanks for the offer and also for explanations provided by you and @InfoDrone - appreciate it, but I think I have most of these in my bank at different levels.

Since I tend to play with allegiance characters lately, they did not get much use so far. :slight_smile:

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she was already live at the anouncement of the DLC

YES! Glad to see that weapon come back!

Looks really good the Skullmasher, and looks like it’s automatic now, interesting.

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I didn’t catch it… It’s also been a while since I’ve heard her voice.

Isn’t mayhem 2.0 supposed to be released before dlc 2?

Nope, M2.0 will arrive in April.

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Salvador poster at 11:50 :ooo

also happy they responded to lack of player involvement by making that last cut-scene in 1st person!

Deathtrap still does more than my pets.