First glitch in borderlands 3? (wrong faces)

I was just watching the reveal trailer again for borderlands 3, and I think I noticed a bug. This bug seems to affect the faces of a few characters, I can only describe it as “Cheeseburger Face”. Here are some examples.

Example #1:

See how her face is unusually wide and short? The villian woman shown below has a bit of a shorter face too, but it isn’t at a level where it seems like a bug.

See? Comparing her face to her brother’s, you can definitely tell she has a fairly short face. However, this one seems well within the variance of human appearance. Not a bug, like the other 2. One more example.

Good gracious, why is it so bad!? She looks so derpy! Who decided to draw that line under her lip!?


Looks normal to me


I’m hoping it is a glitch or something that can be corrected. The faces of almost every character looks so odd. Adding Aurelia and Amara to the wonky faces and it’s easy to see that something is off.

Personally I can’t grasp exactly what’s wrong, but even with my very poor vision I can tell something is off enough that I can notice.


I don’t think it is a glitch, rather a shift in art style.
It’s been a while since bl2, character artists come and go and no one really draws faces the exact same way.
I think they all look fine, except maybe Maya’s little friend, whose face looks like it’s been moved 2 inches downward from where it was originally drawn


Certainly not a glitch but just visual style.

The bluehaired one’s face looks derpy yes, but I assume that’s because she’s small child.


Yeah, clearly a change in art style. I don’t like it a lot either, it looks like when you use some other game’s character creator and you put the mouth too high and the eyes too low.

That said, I bet after an hour of playing I won’t even notice anymore.


We could easily pick out any number of pictures of the VH’s from the earlier games to show off how “bad” they look.

I’m more than fine with the way the characters look in BL3. I believe the switch to Unreal 4 (from Unreal 3) has allowed them to stretch their artistic legs, so to speak, and am excited to see more!


Don’t get me wrong, I really like the designs and redesigns of most characters thus far; I’m mainly questioning the execution of their 3-D models in-game.

In Tyreen’s case, as per the picture above, you can see that her extremely pouty mouth is a bit too close to her nose making the rest of her abnormally circular face look distorted a bit, then there’s her chin…her chin is definitely affected by the nose-mouth proximity.

Idk. I’m not the greatest artist in the world, but again, as OP said, it all looks kinda wonky.

To reiterate, I do love the (re)designs of most things.


It doesn’t bother me. Blue haired girl is just young. Moze looks fine to me and Calypso has a nice ‘resting biatch’ face.


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I agree with OP. That probably bothers everyone who works a bit with character creation.

Specially the under lips of the characters are looking very weird. In the image below it looks like Lilith is showing her tongue.

If it’s a shift in art style, it is definitely going to the wrong direction.


I really only think the last one is weird


The premise of it being a glitch is a bit of a joke. Just thought it would be funny to bring it up that way, idk.

When I was a kid, I distinctly remember not having down syndrome.


Maybe it’s not a small face but lot of fat making her chin hang down really far. Or maybe her dad is brick. To be fair, it seems weird to me too.


True, though it sounds a bit like brain reprogramming. I like to try and hold onto this kind of stuff whenever I can. The way I see it, I wouldn’t be me if I could no longer discern between a regular face, and a “Cheeseburger” face.

I would bet money that they will stay looking like that. You don’t see movie trailers with people in front of green screens.

If we are talking about exercising artistic character design, battleborn had like 30 characters for them to work on. I remember most of them looking fine, no Cheeseburger fa-
Oh god! It’s even worse!


What a fantastic way to convey a message, I was laughing like an idiot watching this for like 2 minutes. 10/10. Truly, we live in amazing times.


Hey don’t you DARE insult my totally normal looking best buddy!


They look fine to me.

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This was great. If some people in this forum still can’t see there’s a problem, hopefully the gearbox devs/artists will.

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While on the topic of art-style and stuff, is it me or does the rounded-ness of the character models make the models look more rigid/plastic? My main point right now is in hair. All the hair, for the most part, ends up in a odd roundness rather than ending in a more pointed edge that I think is more “natural”. It might not solve the rigidity issue (since that would be a physics issue – like having hair sway in the wind or something), but it would make the hair look better I think.

Most of the characters posted here, if you look at their hair, you can probably see what I’m talking about. I don’t know how to articulate it well. It could be something that may look better in practice than it does in stills, but from the trailer as well things looked very rigid in the hair department.

I want these characters to look like they’ve just come out of a L’Oreal commercial

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