First haunt fight... immunity bug... screw this shitgame

no matter how much time they take, this game is still a piece of ■■■■…


It happened to me yesterday thrice already. I had to kill myself to reset the fight

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Just save quit. You literally spawn in right next to the boss arena.


+1, just happened to me. Aggravating. More aggravating since it didn’t happen (as I recall) last year, so they tweaked something to cause it. Don’t break what works.


It did happen last year, afaik it happens when you destroy the pylons before all 3 have spawned.


I guess I didn’t try it enough to get to see it, but that makes sense, there’s no change just an ongoing bug.

And I will say, Haunt is pretty easy for Zane even at M-10. Took 4 mags from a Light Show (and using the O.P.Q. to take out the shield generators) for me and Clone to kill him.


They literally Changed nothing about the event except items and anointments. Also to fix this you must wait for all 3 shield things to appear before killing any of them. If you destroy 1 before all 3 spawn his shield will never go down and you’ll need to kill your self and try again.

You don’t need to save & quit everybody!!


the halloween event is only time i actually played it for longer then 20 minutes if honest even if it was easy challenge’s to redo (since same as last year) though did get immunity thing one time when i was doing 15 kills but all i did was jump in hole respawn outside arena (as money on bl3 isnt that important anyway i think) and he was fixed.

Same here. First time I fought him, immunity bubble locked in! So I jump to the pit to restart and it happens again. Third try I figured that maybe I was destroying his immunity bubble statues way too fast, so I waited for them to fully form and it actually worked. I definitly remember this happening last year, so as usual Gearbox just ‘flipped on the switch and walked away without checking the room’ regarding this event.

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I felt the same way - extremely pissed off. Just wait for all 3 or 5 of those balls/beams to load up, and you’ll be fine. If you shoot one by accident before they all load up; just quit and reload. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it.

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I have a better idea. Gearbox has had a full year to fix this and hasn’t done so. Stop playing, and don’t give Gearbox another dime until this and other problems that still exist a year after launch are all fixed.


Mate, it’s a bug in a particular event that happens only once a year. How high do you reckon this ranks on their list of priotities?

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An easily avoided/worked around bug at that. It sucks when it happens, but its also whatever. 10 runs today, had it happen once.

After selling 8 million+ copies, they easily have more than enough cash to ensure their stuff actually works. They aren’t some tiny indie studio, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a above a certain level of quality from them.


I take back what I said earlier about waiting for all of the orbs/rays to load up. I’m at the respawn point right now, and on my second run here, after running around waiting for these things to all load up… the one in the center could not be destroyed by any of my weapons. This was on his second immunity phase. I would seriously like to punch someone from Gearbox in the face, repeatedly, over this and many other glitches - like dropped weapons from one player to another going through the floor or just disappearing on Sancturary. It has only ever happened to me on Sanctuary, but it happens a lot when I farm with two controllers for increased drop rates. OK; rant over!


Yup exactly that.

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POOR PRIORITIZATION. It’s quite common among software companies.


12 times for me now. I thought it was the AOE on my Artifact plus Torgue Cross Promotion with a Mindsweeper when he goes into his immunity phase so I changed to a Pearl and it still happened.

Edit, 13 times now.


The product works. Hyperfocusing on a niche bug rather than, say, actual improvements like vertical split screen, is how you get people rolling their eyes at you.

You could say you can focus on both, and you’d be right. But this niche bug is not the product not working. My Beacon oneshots the pillars and I still haven’t been able to reproduce this intentionally. And I’m on a PC that struggles a fair bit with performance.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a bug that happens only once a year. It’s an issue that prevents players from completing the quest unless they purposefully kill themselves to try it again. It’s free content, sure, but that still doesn’t justify the same bugs being still around after a year.

Don’t try to defend GBX for their incompetence and indifferent attitude regarding such issues.