First Impression after 7 hours of playtime (Long Post)

Hi, my name is Smith and after about 7 hours of playing Project 1v1, I think I am ready to give my first impression of the game. For reference, I am currently Level 4 with around 300MMR. This is going to be a long post, so get ready.

  • Overall
    The aesthetic of the game is excellent. The retro but futuristic soundtrack and atmosphere is really a treat. I am assuming the UI is unfinished (at least with some menus) and that the options are not completely implemented yet, which is to be expected for a technical test. The server stability has been great so far besides one match I played which had random stuttering to an unplayable point. Private Matches (or Challenges) have also been great so far with connection and I wish there was a recently played area where I could challenge a player I just queued against in Ranked (and if this already exists, I would like to know where).

  • Maps

  1. Quagmire - This map is very interesting. Compared to the other map (Heart), the smaller size forces fights into very compact spaces, favoring weapons with splash damage or close range capabilities. There are only 2 health pick ups which are located very close together. I’m not sure if this is intentional but the positioning of both health pickups very close together can lead to heavy camping situations where one player is forced onto the open area while the other controls the halls with various defensive ability cards. The lower level compact space is not favored for an attacker attempting to jump down, making most matches slow. I personally like to stick to the halls and only peak onto the open area using the two jump pads. Sometimes the matches feel like a giant game of Chicken, seeing who is going to advance first. Overall, I think the map is ok but with some of the current defensive abilities, this map does not favor advancing onto your opponent without a significant health advantage.

  2. Heart - I like this map. The verticality is awesome and using a variety of movement abilities to quickly move from level to level feels cool. Health pickups are also very close together on this map and can be easily exploited for a defensive player. Using abilities such as Mines or Recall and ensure you always have vision on the health areas. Another thing to point out on this map is the use of Turrets. I will talk more extensively when I go over the card itself, but the Turret can dramatically change how this map is played. I honestly think the turret is easy to play around, but it does force an entirely different strategy of patrolling hallways and using the various small openings to peak into the large open middle area. I don’t want to spend too much time talking about this map without mentioning the cards, but overall I think this map is well designed but can be polarizing depending on what setup you have.

  • Weapons
    Just as a quick preface, I have not been able to use all of the weapons. I will state which ones I have used and which ones I have just played against.
  1. Rocket - This gun is amazing. It feels awesome to shoot, rocket jump, and juggle opponents by blasting beneath their feet. The damage I feel is very fair, especially in rewarding players for direct hits compared to splash damage. That being said, I do think the splash damage radius is a bit large. I am not sure if this is by design or maybe lag on the servers, but there seems to be a very big radius on what actually does damage. Even though it might only be about 15 or 16, hitting a wall behind a player that is a fair distance away does not feel the best sometimes especially since most maps are very compact spaces. Rocket jumping is very strong. I will probably end up typing this many more times but mobility is the name of the game. With so many vertical aspects of the current maps, rocket jumping is almost essential. The punishment for rocket jumping is also only 5 damage, which has never been an issue for me. I want to end by saying I love Rocket but maybe something should be done so it doesn’t fit into almost every build. Sure I know many players are new and probably don’t have the other weapons, but I think this weapon is so universally good that unless you are playing a hyper aggressive build meant to snowball, I can’t see myself ever not using it.

  2. Shotgun - When I first used this gun, I thought it was completely useless. That is a very incorrect statement. The pure power of a close range shotgun is not to be messed with. On Quagmire, knowing your opponent has a shotgun can change your game plan dramatically. I personally don’t use this weapon that much but it is very effective in a hyper aggressive build that is designed to snowball off of a kill (such as using the vampire form with adrenaline or Excalibur). This weapon is best used as a secondary when using it to chase an opponent, while using a primary weapon to push them back when needed. I like the current position of this weapon, very good in a particular builds but not good enough to be randomly put into a build.

  3. Detonader - Weapon I believe is pretty solid. Due to the nature of this weapon, I believe its performance can be very map dependent. On Quagmire, using it aggressively to smoke out opponents is a great strategy. On Heart, using it to push enemies back by spamming the top of the staircase or other entry points while you set up in the narrow hallways. When it direct hits, the damage is pretty good. I want to experiment more with this one before my next post but for now I like how it plays, and it is a good addition to the weapons pool.

  4. Railgun - My favorite weapon by far. This thing is absolutely a blast to play with and probably very strong. Mobility is the name of the game and this gun (like Rocket) combines an easy way of navigating the map with incredibly high damage. I like the ‘cooldown’ mechanic of this gun so you aren’t entirely dead if caught off guard at close range. Long range sniping feels amazing with no zoom which is very surprising. The high amount of damage really rewards landing a shot. One of my go to combos is landing a snipe then quickly switching to the rocket to finish them. Now onto the Rail Grind. With the current two maps, it is incredibly useful. Quickly changing levels in the Heart, zooming from the jump pad to the health pack in Quagmire, and more feel so much fun no matter how many times I do it. The fact you can quickly chain Rail Grinds is awesome although it mostly only feels useful on Heart. Having the ability to control the entire top level by moving quickly to get angles on all of the openings is very powerful. Maybe I am biased from my past history with arena shooters but I love the Rail Gun, even if I think it is maybe a bit too strong at the moment.

  5. Bit Blaster - I am going to be honest, I don’t have this weapon and I have only seen it once. That being said I don’t really know what it does and I don’t have an opinion on it. Maybe I will play against it or actually unlock it before the next post.

  6. Tesla - Surprisingly I have not played with this weapon and have only seen it about 3 or 4 times. It looks cool but I am not sure I can give a proper opinion on it. It seems hard to constantly track someone with it and could be more useful as a finisher on opponents with low health then a main damaging weapon. Also I am pretty sure I have never seen someone use its ability. I want to test this one more.

  • Abilities
    Just like for the weapons, I have not used all of these.
  1. Air Jump - Incredibly useful. I’m not sure how I like this being one of the starting cards however due to the impression it leaves on new players. It can be very hard to part with the double jump leaving a mentality of “Well I want to use my new card but this is just too useful”. At least that is how I initially felt. Although it is a good movement ability, there are much better ones in the game that fulfill this role. In builds that don’t use the Rail Gun or Rocket, I could see this being very important. I also feel this ability is largely map dependent and my opinion might change as more maps are released.

  2. Human Flame - Thank you for nerfing this. Before the nerf it just felt silly getting one shot killed from your opponent traveling half way across the map but now it has a role in more aggressive builds. The mobility is amazing and damage can be good on an unprepared opponent or to close out a kill quickly. It is also really fun to just dive bomb straight for an opponent sometimes :slight_smile:

  3. Meteor - This is the first card that honestly doesn’t feel that fun for me at all. The fantasy of unleashing a barrage of projectiles is a cool thought but in reality everything else just feels more responsive to aim and fun to use. It probably doesn’t help this ability is incredibly slow. Maybe the audience for this card is not me and I can understand that, but I am really just not a fan.

  4. Mines - This might be a long section. Mines are incredibly useful and is 1 of the 2 abilities responsible for the dominance of the defensive play style. Providing vision across the map, placing them on health packs or jump pads, or even blocking entire hallways with the radius is really supportive of a defensive / campy game plan. Before the nerf to the Human Flame, I used Mines to find my opponent, then launch myself directly at them for a free kill. Now I use Mines to see when my opponent is advancing or shut down their Recall. Taking total control of the map through Mines is not entirely possible however due to the cooldown, so picking a section of the map to lock the opponent out of is generally my preferred use. The Mines can also be used when advancing on an opponent by blocking escape routes. The Mines are currently useful in almost every build in the game. Yesterday (September 14th) added the ability to destroy Mines however I have not seen this change their power level, at least in my games. The Mines have a decent health pool and waiting to destroy them feels almost not worth your time. This is a card I feel has a cool fantasy of tactically putting down Mines based upon your opponents behavior during the match but the current reality is putting them at compact spaces so they can’t dodge it or just throwing them anywhere because the effect is so strong it doesn’t really matter it goes in the right spot or not.

  5. Phase Reverse - The ability I constantly call “The Tracer” is very useful in combat scenarios. It rewards careful use with the limited charges and can pretty much fit into any build. I like the balance of this one as I sometimes feel like it might be a weak link in my build or that it just saved me and I won’t take it out. The it has low skill uses like getting health back or high skill scenarios where you can re-position yourself quickly in combat. I really like this one.

  6. Cinders - I have seen this ability once, never used it, and to be honest did not even notice its effect. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

  7. Recall - For a bland looking ability, it is very effective. In my opinion, this is the second piece of the defensive play style. It is pretty much an emergency button whenever you want with a pretty short cool down. It is also versatile in the fact you can move it constantly on the map and use it to quickly reach health packs or change your vertical position. Sometimes I feel I forget about this ability too much but other times I think it is the perfect addition to my build. Although the maps are small, Recall is still useful even if it just puts you around a corner. Mobility is the name of the game and an instant teleport is pretty good mobility. I like it but I’m not sure it is the best ability for the health of the game.

  8. Sentry - I haven’t used this because it just doesn’t really fit my play style, but I have faced it a lot. I wouldn’t say it is strong but actually just changes how the game is played, effectively locking out a section of the map if placed in a smart position (which doesn’t always happen). I’m not sure how I feel about this being in the game in general, it just seems out of place and ok to slap into any build that isn’t hyper aggressive. It also drastically limits some of the creativity in your opponent’s build which doesn’t feel fun. I am not a fan of this one.

  9. Adrenaline - Interesting. Very aggressive and a bit random. Some abilities are better than others in certain situations which can lead to some sad feelings if you hit the wrong one. I like its position in a very aggressive build but I personally wouldn’t use it in many other situations. Cool idea!

  10. Bubble Shield - Haven’t used and have not played against it many times to have a good opinion. I had to look up that it actually reflects damage.

  11. Excalibur - All or nothing. Its fantastic, it drastically shifts the dynamic of the game very risky yet very rewarding. I feel like this is one of the best abilities for that alone. I haven’t used it but I still have a blast when my opponent does. I could see this potentially being annoying if maps ever get larger however because then it might feel like there is no way you will get there in time.

  12. Vampire - Another all or nothing however I feel more annoyed than glad when I see this. It changes the game into cat and mouse except with the right build the mouse can pretty much always win. If the form goes off, it is incredibly difficult to come back and might be game over there. This ability with the shotgun and adrenaline package is one of the best kits in the game (in my opinion) and can lead to complete domination. It is a cool concept but sometimes can just feel too depressing to play against.

  13. Codebreaker - I have never seen someone successfully use this. I don’t understand the impact it has, I am not sure if the end goal is even worth it, and I have not used it myself. It seems like a snowball except you need to not only be more skilled to snowball this but also get lucky.

  • Account Levels
    If you made it this far, congrats! This is the last section before my conclusion but I feel like this is an important subject to discuss. I understand the Account Levels are in the game to show how much you have played and add a sense of progression, but why do I do more damage with a higher account level? I am currently level 4, which is one of the higher ones I have seen, and doing an additional 10 damage per hit is pretty devastating. I understand the purpose of card levels (although I am not sure it should be implemented the way it currently is but that is for another day) but account levels can cause a big issue moving forward. Yes I understand the technical test has a smaller player base so level differences will be much bigger but in Ranked moving forward, especially high ELO, a player who might be incredibly skilled but doesn’t have much play time will struggle against a player of equal skill but with a much higher account level. If I could get a reasoning why this is in the game, I would like to hear it because this is one of the few features I simply cannot comprehend in a game I am loving so far.

  • Conclusion
    Thank you so very much for the invitation to this technical test. I apologize for any typos or mistakes in this post but I wanted to get out my initial opinion. I plan to make a follow up post if I have more time to play the game. I would like to hear everyone else’s thoughts and if needed I can expand on other features since there is much more I have to say but this is already INCREDIBLY long as it is.

Once again, this is Smith and that is my first opinion.