First Impression / High Ping

(Gogo44er) #1

Hey Fellas,

at first, WOW really great game.
I´m an oldschool UT player and can say, that this 1vs1 fast pace competitve concept is amazing.
i love it. some weapons need a buff/nerf but this is only a first impression comment.

the only really bad thing i found till now, is that the pings sometimes really different.
so i live in germany and must play with a ping of 120 - 140 and my enemys have mostly around 60 ms ping.
sometimes my enemy has over 200 ms ping.

this is it for first.

sorry for my badenglish, its not my native language. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Frodsgnal) #2

Native English user living in Germany, everything was completely understandable and I completely agree.
That pnig bro :expressionless:

(Gogo44er) #3

Ok thats is great. :smiley:
Really awesome game, i lke the small maaps and the fast gameplay.

BUT the ping differents drive me crazy xD

(Deathrow2345) #4

I don’t know about the game being good, it is kinda balanced tho.For example setting up a sentry next to excalibur is a solid comp,but a charged alt fire tesla canon/rocket can counter it.However the ping makes this game unbearable for me.It’s not fun getting rockets spammed at you, whilst they’re desyncing.Nor is it fun to play a against someone who is not only juking my shots, but lagging through 25% of them as well. I feel like the ping issue should be addressed,If i’m used to playing on 40 and I’m going up against someone with 200 it’s not very fair to either of us.

( #5

Yeah I’m also getting high ping that’s causing me and my opponents to jump and jitter, maybe its because I’m based in the UK and the servers are US?

Either way 120ms ping has made this technical test too difficult to enjoy for me personally.

I don’t plan to play any further just from the lag but I’ll maybe revisit in a few weeks or if they release EU servers of some sort.

(Gogo44er) #6

I “must” test it. :stuck_out_tongue:
The game is awesome, but u are right.
maybe they give us one EU server for better ping.i hope so. <3

(Gogo44er) #7

SO… i cant play 1v1 wwith this ping dsifferents… rockets fly not there where i aim it and my opponent hits me straight…
the pings goes from 50ms-240ms and this make it now unplayable for me…
i know its only a test, but with these differents i cant test something… :frowning:

(Trust me, I'm an Engineer) #8

yeah, unless they started up international test servers during shutdown, it’s US servers until the CTT ends; sorry team.
However, previous tests with oddball ping/jitter have caused some very interesting bugs to surface, so if you can tolerate the serious gameplay handicap, please play until you’ve crashed your game many times and report your crashes and other bugs.