First impression of a veteran vault hunter

This game feels like a dungeon crawler with MMO bosses, and I LOVE it! It’s a little buggy, sure, I’ve had to fast travel because my game sound died and had an NPC caught on a fire barrel (which was hilarious), bit overall this game is amazing. The combat feels a lot smoother than previous Borderlands games, sliding and mantling are great mechanics, and I love the new manufacturer gimmicks and enemy types, with dense spawns that make the combat feel intense even if it’s not as difficult as I’m used to since I’m spolied by OP8/10.

I’m currently doing a solo 100% playthrough and coop story missions only playthrough, and digging Amara as my character and Moze as my partner. I’m also trying not to spoil anything but I’ve seen some things, and some stuff. The story so far is intriguing, mysterious and exciting, and although the villains don’t have the charismatic charm of their predecessor and our favourite psychopath they have a truly terrifying evilness to them that even Handsome Jack would have been in awe of.

I’m loving the scenery, this game is so aesthetically pleasing! Each area I visit is somehow more beautiful than the last, and the enemy designs are just as pretty as the different biomes. I do get a little lost at times, these maps are huge but the 3D minimap more than makes up for one of the biggest navigational issues BL2 had. I love finding hidden trinkets, this game has more emphasis on exploration than previous titles, and certain areas having different levelled enemies rather than all enemies on a map being scaled to the same level is a detail I absolutely love.

My first impression is that this game is not what I expected. It’s more, it’s better, it’s more betterer. I only hope that the endgame lives up to the legendary content that Borderlands 2 spoiled us with. So far, after having opened a vault already, I’m not even remotely disappointed. Except for that spoiler that I want so badly to talk about but can’t yet because most people aren’t that far through the game. 11/1 GBX bang up job so far!


100% Agreed


I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far, I’d say even more so than the earlier games in the series. Put in 8 hours today, I can’t even remember the last time I put that many hours into a game in one day, probably Witcher 3.


Im enjoying it. I am one of the lucky ones that did not have issues getting their Keys and items and i have no tech issues yet ( knock on wood ). I only played BL2 but didnt finish it but i found a great video on You Tube that explains the lore of BL and now the game is even better knowing who everyone is haha


I’ve been very much enjoying the game with slif, as i am his moze partner. And moze is by far my favourite character.


Been paying coop with a friend, im lvl 35

We are both abit sad that its so damn easy, we rush through the game sadly, just to get to some harder content.
I wish we had a way to play hard.
Its at the point where i feel like one punch girl, killing badass like they are nothing and i barly lose my shield.

So we dont do any side missions, cuz there is no point, we need harder content.

Gameplay is great, alot of op weapons.
Just wish ot was harder.

Ps. It is so easy, that even when my friend (moze) goes afk ingame, i just solo bosses and continue as if he were there sadly…


I love the game so far. Combat, loot, intricate skills, the whole shebang.
Only thing is that besides Tyreen it seems every NPC is excessively annoying. Humor is subjective and people grow up but even at it’s worst bl2 was rarely worth cringing over(as little as that term actually means, it’s fitting here)
I’m talking about shiv, Lorelei and her coffee, Vaughn in general, the jokes aren’t good but gearbox milks them like they’re pure gold. I hope the characters settle down some as the game goes on or I’ll have to start muting them.


same as in bl2. I’m not in a race though. My first play though I stop and smell the roses. if you rush you miss out on the story and its great so far, Still in my 20’s level wise


I’m really enjoying it too, had no problems at all technically so that probably helps.

The twins are awful, as is a lot of the humour this time round but I’ve started ignoring that and concentrating on the gameplay alone which is fantastic. I’ve no idea why it is though but I’m having a real issue seeing enemies, I’m having to look at the mini map a lot of the time to even see where they’re supposed to be, in certain areas everything seems to blend into each other.

Oh and those grunts that teleport can do one as well.


They blend into the background much more due to the colour palettes than they did in BL2. I have the same problem in BL1 with certain enemy types.

As others, overall enjoying the game and story so far. I just landed on the first non-Pandoran planet with Moze at about level 11. Found two of the current vault hunter’s intro echo logs, spent some time listening to the different radio channels (if you haven’t done that you should!) and spent a lot of time making sure I have the full map coloured in.

I like Iron Bear, and I want one to use as my daily driver - my commute would be a lot more interesting!


how do you do that?

I think they mean they’re alternating between solo and co-op play using separate characters. Which is not a bad strategy.

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it would be cool if as a solo player you had the option of having one of the other characters as an AI

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I do agree, it’s easier than it could be, but it’s so damn enjoyable that the lack of difficulty is forgivable. There’s still so much content that I’m waiting before I call it too easy lol.

That’s how I felt about BL2, but I personally love the exaggerative humour. I’m not laughing as much at BL3, but I’m still enjoying it.

This. I’m not willing to make a final decision just yet, I’m paying close attention and exploring thoroughly.

I love the twins :frowning: They’re wicked, dastardly, and the funniest thing about them is how funny they find each other. They’re not as humourous as Jack, but they compensate for that by being pure evil. Jack at least had a hero complex and truly believed himself good, the Calypsos are pure evil and they’re scary.

I’m alternating between a story only coop playthrough with @Widowmakxer (so we don’t get overleveled) and a solo playthrough where I’m aiming for 100% completion. I’m Amara in both, but with different builds. I always planned to have two Sirens, and I LOVE her!


Just wanted to update here, we completed the game (normal) and went into TVHM.
Everything is better now, like side missions actually scale to your level same as loot.
we got to the first boss “Mouthpiece” he went down faster than first time, we expect it was due to the flakker shorgun we both own.

fast forward, we got the spaceship and turn mayhem mode 2 on.
Now we are talking!

Enemies are so much fun, we feel we have to think of what weapon we use and look at the map to check what is good and bad in the area and swap gear to it.

This is how i like it!!! wish i didn’t have to spend 41h to get to that point, but guess that’s how they wanted it to be…

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Very yes. Exactly how i feel. Coming from someone that has countless hours on BL1 and 2 on three different platforms. So far, i’m on the verge of being blown away by it to be quite honest. It satisfies all my gaming needs… fps, rpg, collecting, displaying, fun fast gameplay, great sound and animations, and CUSTOMIZATION <— big one for me.

Will admit i’m quite scared by the bank situation. Just had a friend lose all his stuff stored in the bank about an hour ago. He has joined others, i have not. I’m guessing the culprit lies within that fact. So i hope that will be addressed sooner than later. I can deal with the small bugs i’ve encountered but not that.

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I love that this game is so long. I’d be in UVHM by now if this was BL2, but I’m still completing side missions and crew challenges. Oddly the game is longer but feels less grindy, I don’t know how they did that but I for one am not complaining! :smiley:

This needs to be talked about more, how good is the music!?

Same here. Way more vehicle options than just weapons, and I can paint my vehicles and character skins! The skins aren’t just pallette swaps, I can’t get enough of it!

Oh ■■■■, that sucks :frowning: I do like that the bank is larger and doubes as the stash now, this is a feature we’ve needed for a very long time.

Another thing I love is the enemies. Badass creatures come in five elementl varieties, the saurians have lots of cool variants, and every elemental jabber is not just an elemental variety but a totally different enemy with unique behaviour and attacks. Badass troopers are actually badass, heavies and badass heavies are real tough opponents. Micromanagement is a lot more important than it was in BL2, especially in the circles of slaughter.


I guess not anymore. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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NO NOT ANYMORE! :rage: :sob: