First impression of the dlc is pretty good

saurian, gunslinger, outlaw didnt caught my interest at first , but when i play it they blend in so well
the Japanese dialogue too tomodachi , they kinda fit into borderlands theme.

although ive been spreading quite a lot of negativity recently , the balance did work out pretty well, theres few enemy still being bullet sponge but thats ok , theres slagged enemy in borderlands 2 right so i guess few types of bullet sponge is alright. grenade is still useless tho , too many grenade made for doing damage , but in borderlands combat system they are suppose to be utility.

haven’t complete full dlc tho , the only complain rn is wth the dlc load screen have big text that covered the entire picture and the font looks like horizon zero dawn or something .

super excited for that unkempt harold moze spaming build , hopefully it will work out

Best rolled herald still less damage then a nerfed yellowcake for moze. Save you some time farming it. Have a 10kx4 with 150 rad dmg under 50 herald that is a lot less damage then a 21kx2 yellowcake on any mob.
Save your time farming it took about 100 herald drops to get a decent one for moze and it sucked.

maybe ur harold got bullet speed grip so the bullet split very far away