First impressions from a competitive shooter gamer

Played one game and messed around in the training room thing. This will also voice some general suggestions and concerns.

So I won my first ranked game and gained 16 mmr, which is nice I guess. After 5 minutes of fighting my opponent and I killed each other a total of 11 times, and I felt like I was just running around a bunch while my opponent did the same thing and there were lots of downtimes, something I think arena shooters should avoid. The maps are also a bit large for just 2 players, not to mention the art style is confusing (I’m sure it’ll get better the more you play), I mean, is it a jump pad? Is it some alien plant? Oh well I guess I’ll step on it to find out (the more sci-fi looking map makes clearer distinctions between what’s interact-able and what isn’t). The shotgun and rocket launcher feel meh, not having to reload makes the game easier (who needs accuracy when you have infinite ammo?). The whole game overall just feels “meh” to me. Yes 1v1 is in the name but I feel like these maps would be better with a few more people.

This is closed alpha I guess so more features will be added but it would be nice to see better settings and options, like being able to input a value for mouse sensitivity rather than a slider with an arbitrary scale, I mean, 100% sensitivity of what? Same goes with graphics, resolution shouldn’t be a slider. Crosshair customization would be nice (for the shotgun since I feel like its’ spread is the whole screen). The fps counter doesn’t seem to update very often which kinda defeats the purpose of having an fps counter. Also training room should also have some form of AI test dummy for the player to test weapons and skills.

I think Gearbox’ intention is to make it into a competitive e-sport type of deal and I don’t know if an rng-based card system is good for that. Competitive shooters, for the most part, have been about mechanical skill (ie how well you can move your mouse) and adding a luck based thing in to the mix might not be the best idea. Granted it’s not the first competitive shooter to have a loot/custom load-out aspect and during tournaments they’d just lock the load-out to the basic stuff but that just means that casual lobbies will have some super lucky guy who has the best gear. Usually I’m ok with that because I can pick up other people’s weapons but I can’t (as far as I know) in P1v1.

Already off to a completely wrong start.

Downtime is necessary in an AFPS because a large part of the genre is thinking. Of course, with the removal of items a large part of that strategic layer is gone because there’s no more map control, no more timing item respawns, no more zoning the other player out, no more stacks, no more metagaming. It’s all just seeing who can land their rockets or one-shot kill abilities faster.

Also the maps are TOO small. I honestly don’t get how you can look at the maps and say, “yea this is too big,” when you can just sit in the center of the map, which is also coincidentally the highest point, and see exactly where the other person spawns 100% of the time.

I’d hardly believe you if you said you were a competitive FPS player, which you probably aren’t and what you mean is “I play games that can be perceived as competitive, but have not competed myself at a high level,” just because of these 2 things you pointed out.

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Maybe it’s because I don’t stand still in an arena shooter but the game I played was just two dudes chasing after each other for a good 20 seconds, then some mediocre gun play, and one of us dies. Also what thinking do you have to do in this game? Run around, pay attention to footsteps, see your opponent, shoot. I’m more used to quake/unreal although I haven’t played much of those games in recent years. Also I am high diamond/low master in Overwatch atm, and was DMG in CS:GO before I switched over, so I’d consider myself a competitive shooter gamer. I’m also into fast paced shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein heck even some of the older multiplayer CoD games were fast paced and fun.

Congrats, you just supported my argument. Maybe try reading past the first sentence of each of my paragraphs.

Those are pretty average ranks, and again, supporting my argument that you play competitive games, but not necessarily competitively at a high level to compete in them.

Average? Do you understand the word average? Are you top 500 and Global Elite? DMG is top 13% (contains about 4% of the player base) and Master would be top 4% (containes 3% of the player base). You said there needs to be downtime, and did I say there shouldn’t be, I just said there too much downtime because 3 and a half minutes of downtime in a 5 minute game is too much. You say “just seeing who can land their rockets or one-shot kill abilities faster” and I specifically made a point about competitive shooters being about mechanical skill (so really you’re supporting my argument). You say the maps are too small because “you can just sit in the center of the map, which is also coincidentally the highest point, and see exactly where the other person spawns 100% of the time” and I’m sorry if I don’t play my fast paced arena shooter like a community made aim training map in CS:GO.

I said there’s too much downtime and rng isn’t good for mechanical skill based games, you said there needs to be downtime (I never said get rid of downtime) to think but then you contradict yourself by saying that there’s no need for thinking about cds or area denial because it’s about mechanical skill (basically what I said).

I said the maps are too big because I couldn’t find my opponent while running around, and you said the maps are too small because you stand still in the middle. These are just our own conclusions based on our own play style, which would be like you saying “your phone shouldn’t have been smashed when you dropped it onto concrete because when I dropped mine onto a bouncy castle it was completely fine”.

You say I think I’m a competitive player because I play competitive games without being competitive myself, I say no, I play these competitive games competitively at a fairly high rank, and you say me playing competitive games competitively supports your argument of me not playing competitive games competitively.

If you enjoy this game, more power to you. I’m just giving my FIRST IMPRESSIONS based off of ONE MATCH i played.

I actually am, yea.

Aiming at the ground and spamming jump and rockets doesn’t equate to mechanical skill. There’s a clear LACK of mechanical skill if anything, considering how much more useful the RL is compared to every other weapon in the game. You’ll be using it 99% of the time based on both weapon balance and map design.

Completely wrong analogy, not to mention you running back and forth unable to find your opponent is YOUR own lack of skill.

A more accurate analogy would be you running into a wall and me walking around it.

Again, read past the first sentence of my paragraphs and it’ll do you wonders in life.

Don’t hurt your brain there kiddo.

At what point in any of my posts indicate I enjoyed this game? This just confirms your inability to finish reading before posting.

You seem to have a complete misunderstanding of what an AFPS is, equating the entire genre to running around like a headless chicken playing a deathmatch game compared to something like Counter-Strike, because that’s apparently where you’re pulling all your AFPS knowledge from, a completely irrelevant game to the genre.

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Didn’t want to create another thread so I will say a few thoughts right here.

Played a few matches and I can’t say a single cool thing about this game.

  • The mouse movement is floaty.
  • The whole gameplay (shooting part) feels off. It’s just not interesting and slow. I felt like playing some kind of mobile game with re-used features and 0 depth in it.
  • The cards system is just a different approach to loadouts. In the end, there will be only a few good combinations and people will play only those, because there are no downsides for selecting that card or that card, like it is when a game has predetermined characters with predetermined skills/movement/hp and so on.
  • Visually it’s even worse than Battleborn was when I first started playing it in CTT.
  • It feels like a dumbed-down version of Battleborn (skills) and a poor wannabe arena shooter (shooting part). if someone wants to play an arena shooter with duels - they will choose Quake Champions.
  • This game doesn’t look serious. The emotes are very childish, another mobile-like feature.

I was intrigued by this game, but it just doesn’t have that “uhmpf” in it. Very forgettable.

Apologies, we’re just 2 players with different expectations and opinions.

I kinda agree with everything you just pointed out, although I didn’t feel much input lag and I haven’t played battleborn. Maybe making it a 4 player ffa might help with the downtime (yes it’s called P1v1 but that name really places some limits). The card system is not the greatest I agree and I feel like it would be better if the cards were unlock able some other way instead of an rng based loot system. The graphics are hard to say because ideally you wouldn’t want a competitive game with super good graphics as that would prevent gamers with sub-optimal hardware from having a smooth gaming experience and would also increase the hardware requirement to get a nice e-sport level 144fps, but at the same time the game kinda looks like a Chinese bootlegged version of doom/quake/unreal (this coming from a guy who’s played lots of bootleg copies of Counter Strike and stuff and please don’t take this as an insult I just feel like it’s such a step back in terms of graphics). I wouldn’t mind if Gearbox did it in a Borderlands-like art style and made this game into a technical test for Borderlands 3.

Oh man, what if this is actually what we’re doing?