First Impressions of a Non-Competitive Player

(Dmccombs94) #1

Initially I was quite skeptical of this sort of game because I don’t really enjoy competitive games. But, since I love Gearbox (at least I have loved the games of theirs that I have played), I figured that I might as well give this a try. My first few games were a little shaky but I quickly grasped the objectives and found little ways to manipulate the games to my playing style. I feel that the inclusion of the health bars on top for both players and the little emotes were a good touch (keeps the game friendly).

There was a point in one of my matches that I could not control my character. I was moving my mouse and it wasn’t looking around, WASD didn’t allow me to move. The other player seemed to catch on and tried to emote to me to see what the matter was. I ended up getting a loss (which is fine) but I just wanted to let someone know if it was a bug that needed fixed or if I did something that messed it up.

I feel that the overall style of the game is rather well done. The maps that have completed art and textures were really fun to run around on. The only thing that really had me was the jump pads on Quagmire seemed to get lost with the tiny glowing eggs (or that’s what they look like to me) throughout the map. But other than that, I felt that it was really well executed. I, myself, don’t generally play any games like this, so it was a nice change of pace to find a game in this genre that not only appeals to me, but I have a good time playing.

I’m interested to see what changes will be made and improvements will follow. On a side note, I also didn’t think that I would like the card system that they are implementing. Generally action shooter games and cards games hold very different standards for me. But I don’t feel that the integration of the card mechanics here take away from the overall experience. Personally, I’ve tried some of the other weapons that were available and I feel that the rocket is a pretty fair starting weapon for the decks to utilize.

Keep up the good work Gearbox! :]