First Impressions of The Claptastic Voyage

I am about a little over an hour in, so far it is looking to be pretty pretty promising. I love the setting a lot more than Tiny Tina’s Dragon Keep. Spoilers ahead.


  • The music is fantastic.10/10 - Link to Jesper Kyd’s Soundcloud
  • Test Dummy!
  • The new enemies feel different enough to fight.
  • The level design looks amazing.
  • The Glitch guns skins are some of the best I have seen in this entire franchise.
  • There is a new AMP shield that is a little like the Bee but also a little different as well.
  • Barrels now digistruct back after they are destroyed
  • Players can shoot volatile bits floating in the air (think homing barrels) that can do corrosive damage to the enemy. They also have transfusion healing bits you can shoot for some extra healing. This is awesome for a sniper builds.
  • So the moon base on the skybox is replaced with claptrap’s massive eye, because you are inside him…he is looking into your soul. Oh and it drops enemies.
  • Corrosive has a value now, armor mobs.
  • Good final boss
  • Stellar custom Arena

I will add more details as I play.

If this keeps up this might dethrone Tiny Tina’s Dragon Keep for a lot of you folks. What do you guys think so far?


Did you have any problems with the downloads? I have them downloaded and see them on my hard drive and flash drive, but the game keeps telling me I haven’t downloaded them…

No, my steam started downloading this afternoon. 1pm EST.

In game, at the fast travel I click on it, and it says DL. It then goes from 1% to 99% and finishes, I hit continue, and then it still won’t let me fast travel and says DL again…

Just beat it. Its one of the best experiences in borderlands.

What platform are you on? If its Steam try restarting Steam.

No I am playing on xbox 360 :frowning:

How does the new Amp shield work, and would it be better than a Prismatic Bulwark for a Jack Shotgun build?

Yeah, I managed to play for about an hour at lunch today, and so far I’m liking it. Found a glitched Hyperion shotty that I didn’t get a chance to play with yet, but I love the skin. I spent a lot of the time just exploring the new zone, but the new mobs good to see.

30 mins in and loving it already. I like my first 3 ‘glitched’ weapon’s look, and specs seem to be OK too. I think it’s gonna be GREAT!

What system are you guys playing on? And did you have any problems with the download?

PC on Steam - it took at least 45 mins to download the 2.1GB part, once this had finished, I launched, went in game and was able to select ‘Deck 13.5’ from the Fast Travel I was at (Concordia).

Earlier on today I’d had the notice about SHIFT, but that was before the 2.1GB download.


Only took me 2,5hrs on UVHM to get through it… But it’s one of the best DLCs in the Borderlands franchise and definetly improved BL TPS overall

Yeah I love the glitched weapons, only cost me 200 moonstones for 3 of them! (sarcasm there)

The glitched weapons are quite useful surprisingly I was expecting glitched = garbage.

Here is a link to Jesper Kyd’s Soundcloud where he uploaded some of the DLC tunes. When I have the spare time I will dig into the files to extract the music files. However an official soundtrack would be most welcomed!

It’s…it’s beautiful.

Just so ■■■■■■■ beautiful. I am not going to rush through it. I’m going to savour this one.


I just finished it.

6 hours last night, 8 hours today.

Every side mission done aside from the very final one that unlocks after you beat end boss.

Looting provided by Knoxx DLC aside, I would call it the finest Borderlands DLC to date.

Not the longest, but up there!

It felt focused and on point the whole time, even when farming or doing side missions.

It’s a mind****!

Bizarre and expansive maps that, yes, can be glitchy and strange to navigate, but you are just a digital fragment trying to make sense of and force your way through a mess of hostile, corrupted data that wants you dead!

What can you expect?


The unique quest rewards are awesome (kickass unique lasers!) and the new innovation of glitched rarity weaponry is amazing.

I got this amazing glitched Corrosive blaster laser with +203 continous damage bonus that i got from The Spyware Who Came In From The Cold quest (which i was able to turn in right away) which saw me through the ENTIRE DLC!

Glitched weapons KICK ASS!

Also, Corrosive is king in this DLC, which was very nice.

This is getting long and my phone is acting up, but i give this epic, fun, mind blowing DLC a glitched 11!

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Also - guaranteed Orange SMG for passing main mission.

I also had a Shredifier drop from end boss.

Sadly, I have yet to see any of the new Legendaries aside from that SMG.

I still say 8/10 because i f*cking hate the final boss. Yeah, the boss makes it lose 2 points in my eyes.

Also, guys, give the DLC the respect it deserves and play it AS CLAPPY, DAMMMIT!

For the feels!