First impressions (very early)

So, I’ve put in ~2 hours right after midnight and my Amara sits at 4.5 level (I’m taking it slow). Wanted to write down first impressions, while they are still fresh.

  • Played with low volume (it was late), so could not get a decent feel for the intro song OR soundtrack in general.

  • Picked Amara just based on looks/voice and remembering that I enjoyed sirens in previous games. Will try others soon anyway

  • It looks more ‘busy’ compared to BL1 and BL2. I guess since hardware and engine are more powerful, they could put in more details on screen, but I’m still on the fence about it.

  • Because of the above, cel-shaded look is less distinct, IMHO. I’m getting Rage 1 vibe somehow.

  • As usual, I scoured every nook and cranny of opening area, ignoring Claptrap pleas. I thought it was harder to spot lootable objects at first, because they look different and tend to blend in with environment.

  • Some ‘ammo’ crates actually have shields in them too - I missed them at first.

  • When collecting Ammo it does not tell you how much and what you got. Or may be it does but in a very subtle way. Icons for ammo are different, so need to adjust. Same about money - you have to glance at the $ counter on the side to see how much you got and it’s a bit distracting

  • Menus look quite different. Skill tree will take the most time getting used to. A lot of the info is ‘on the side’ now and it makes me dizzy or something like that.

  • Same with item cards - lots more info, and my mind does not know yet what to focus on.

  • Shooting things feels different. I suspect most of guns are not very good yet, or the meaning of accuracy changed - I had a revolver with scope early on, which was like 80% accurate, but yet felt like 90+ sniper.

  • Still can’t tell apart some gun types: shotgun/AR/SMG/sniper. Item card does not tell you it anymore? In general, the same comment - eyes automatically go toward certain spot on the screen, but data is not there.

  • Control layout is different, especially for D-pad (XBOX here) - I’m so used to weapon select with it, but now it’s alt fire modes, mark target… Fumbling a lot for now.

  • Text could be bigger (yes, I’m getting old). Some dialog appears as text, but some does not… I tried enabling close captions in-game to help with it, but could not find how - it sure was an option before I launched my first character, but could not find it afterwards on Pause screen menu. It was late at night, though…

So, I’m not blown away so far, but that’s probably because I’m so used to BL1/BL2 way now. Hope it gets better.


The image on the card tells you what it is…

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I also agree with most of your early observations. When you open chests now the money is just drab and no longer yellow glowing as in previous titles. All lootable items are definitely harder to pick out in the environment. Aiming and strafing is very different from first two titles.

Played for a little bit more today with Amara: after some settings tweaks it actually feels better.

Finding a few decent guns, discovering that one can switch to ‘Classic’ layout, tinkering with FOV, ‘dead zone’, and ‘head bobbing’ settings helped, IMHO.

Still a mystery - why my Eridium count is slowly increasing? Pretty sure I did not pick up any from usual loot sources. And I’m still not very good at spotting enemies - perhaps Marcus sold them decent camouflage recently.

Money appears plentiful at this stage, and Amara’s life was not in danger so far, I think she only lost shield bar once.

So I havent played a Borderlands game in a long time. Its been a couple years since I played the last one, the Pre Sequel (Im not one of the people that was still farming weapons in Borderlands up to the release), but when I got back into it and played Borderlands 3 it felt a lot different. For one, and the most obvious, the legendary drops were amazing now. In minutes I could get a legendary drop, as opposed to before where I could easily spend hours farming to turn up with nothing, and when I played Borderlands 2 I played all 6 character in both Normal and TVHM, and the DLC and never saw a legendary. I only got 2 in my history of playing it and that was because I intentionally farmed them for hours on end. In the Pre Sequel, I got a little luckier and got a handful of legendaries. So this time around was a great change of pace. That being said, maybe that is why the legendaries feel a bit lackluster…Maybe its because legendaries come about more frequently that they dont feel as powerful and magical as they did before. Most of the legendary dont seem great at all expect in that they have some gimmicky effect, or unique skin that makes them original, but you can say that about 50% of Borderlands guns ranging down to the rares. I now have a lot of legendaries but none I really care to use as they usually carry some trade off that makes them kind of wonky to me, personally, and have some Purples that just feel more powerful. Heck, one of the guns I treasure most in the game is the Omniloader, which is so useful it feels like it should have been Legendary itself. It has a high reload rate itself and renders the reload rates of all other guns useless, as Im able to just unload with all my other guns if I want, and they just pop off 1 quick shot with the Omniloader, reload it and bam. All my other guns are set. I especially use this with Vladof weapons since they have high magazine sizes and as such, taking longer to reload usually. Idk. Maybe its because the legendaries are more frequent this time around that they dont feel as powerful or as useful as before, and maybe that why we keep seeing all these builds pop up in videos. Im guilty of watching some, and they are nice and all, but I think they only reason most of them have been cropping up is to compensate for how weak some of the legendaries are feeling, and the builds are being use to capitalize on the gimmicky nature of the legendaries to max out their full potential. Im playing as Fl4k and up until recently I played my own build. It was in the Stalker tree, but my character was still well rounded, and powerful. I was able to survive most anything. Then I recently followed one of those “crit OP” builds and made my character a glass cannon. Sure I can dish out huge damage, but a couple of hits and my character goes down like a brick. And most of those builds are so narrow at that. Most of those Crit Fl4k builds are good for melting bosses, but in a crowd situation when you have to take on multiple normal enemies, or god forbid a couple Badasses, you are going down. Or you can build to crowd control and survive, but itll take more time to take on the boss. Idk. Its a mixed bag with this whole thing.

It’s more likely that you don’t realize the real gems are the anointments and not plain Legendaries. That’s what the farm in BL3 is. Getting a good roll on the legendary AND a good anoint to fit your build. That’s whats powerful, and that’s what takes time to get. Not to mention the very wide variety of purple’s that are also amazing.

Also, paragraphs. Please

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Typing on mobile, wasnt going to happen lol

Fair enough but now I’m confused because somehow this topic got merged with one completely unrelated lol.

And you actually explain/ test different synergies/ skills. That is important, because it turns players in to people that can make their own builds.

I saw a video in which the guy literally said “I’m not going to explain all the skills.” Then why are you making a build video? :joy: You can tell people don’t understand all the mechanics yet. And that’s ok. The game just came out lol. We really need a test dummy to move that process along, though.

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Merged in to a more relevant thread for your post’s topic. Carry on!

This topic has nothing to do with what I posted lol.

Yeah I’m a bit confused as I’m pretty sure your reply came from another post aside from this other one that got merged with this current one… So like 3 conversations happening right now. As far as I can tell.

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Good choice with Amara, she’s the best all round IMHO. With guardian angel skill and an invulnerability artifact she is a tank and just refuses to die even in TVHM MH3.