First Impressions

So I got lucky, and didn’t get the game today, but yesterday in the mail.

I’ve played both games for approximately an hour, but here’s my first impressions (versus the PS3 version)

Game looks awesome, it appears more brighter and smoother versus the PS3 version, it also loads faster, the game also saves faster, kind of need to get used to the 60 FPS. Haven’t had any problems thus far.

I initially no longer didn’t want to get it, due to the fact I couldn’t transfer my save games, but I got over it, and decided to just start fresh, not sure if I’m gonna try to reach OP8 with the characters again though. Also the value that you get is awesome, now I’ve bought Borderlands 2 a total of three times, first time when it came out for the 360, second the GOTY edition for the PS3, and now (hopefully) one final time for the PS4, if that isn’t supporting GBX and the franchise, I don’t know what else is.

Finally I wanted to thank GBX for releasing it on the PS4.