First look at NEW BattleBorn heroes

Kelvin, Whiskey Foxtrot, Shayne and Aurox

Shayne and Aurox looks quite familiar xD

Great video! I can hardly take anymore Battleborn announcements other than the announcement of the beta xD

Oh you and me both, friendo

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This is a girl or an old woman, look at her face.

She’s a teen

The one on the left (Whiskey Foxtrot) reminds me of Kevin Smith from Killer 7, but more buffed.
He and Aurox definetly caught my interest.

That’s all looking pretty damn shiny.

Created discussion topics if you want to go in-depth on these new heroes, I added videos and some overview of each hero enjoy :slight_smile:

Kinda busy right now getting more stuff online, but i’ll add more…

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I’m getting a ‘Nightmare the Clown’ vibe from Kelvin and Whisky Foxtrot…