First Look: Deluxe Bonuses

it didnt say, but i can only assume it will also be available for Collectors Edition


With so many items behind pre-ordering, I can’t help but feel justified for not having any interest in this :confused:

It is because the collector edition includes the super deluxe edition.

I still wonder two things:

  1. Will the Neon and Retro packs include their own unique heads(because the pictures just show recolours).


  1. Will the echo device skins just be recolours. I really hoped the Retro Pack would have the loveable 8-Bit Vaulthunters from the Echocast extension.

I pre-ordered almost 3 months ago. I won’t complain about even more bonuses. I dig on that Neon pack ECHO. Not sure why the Retro pack is called “retro”, but maybe they’re keeping that a surprise.

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It looks to be skins and heads for the hunters and a skin for the echo device. But could just be a recolor for the head/skins. From the looks of it

I don’t mind. I just really like the neon trinket

Neon :facepunch:

Omg, @Spacerobots don’t miss this :slight_smile:

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Oh dang this looks awesome. I’m really curious what the toy guns do. :smiley:

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I pre-ordered the game not for the rewards, those can go to hell for all I care. I just wanted to support Gearbox.

In my opinion, the neon skins are ugly as hell, except maybe for Fl4k. The rest are fine and don’t go further than what we got with Borderlands 2, so it’s fine by me. The only thing that matters to me is that nobody misses out on something important by not pre-ordering or getting a deluxe edition. Yeah, the Season Pass might be more expensive but that’s at least content everyone can still buy on their own accord.

Edit for clarification: I don’t blame anyone for pre-ordering for the skins and such and don’t want to give off bad vibes. I know that pre-orders are important for a games’ cashflow and incentives are mandated by the publisher for the most part. I’m just glad that there doesn’t seem to be any major content lost for the regular customer.

If you read the description that comes before the picture it says “skins and heads” so I assume they are heads specifically from those packs. It also says it in the bottom right corner of the images as well.

@dright10 I know. I wondered because they doesn’t show them, which is kinda strange. There probably are special heads given that they also don’t show the toy grenade mod.