First mission solo Rath was a total slog

i just played the first mission as Rath solo. (mission with issac boss). i dont know if just suck or wasnt doing something right but it was a total slog for me. took almost an hour and i lost at the very end when i could not damage his head. i got bounced up in the air and seemingly could not land, was taking damage in the air and i could not get close to him, my life slowly draining out. is this a glitch or an intending mechanic?

ive noticed that some characters are better at certain missions than others. didnt realize Rath would be this bad though. id like know in general so i dont waste more time in the future attempting with other heroes. melee characters seem to be weaker in some of the missions solo. should i avoid attemping solo missions with some of the strictly melee only charadcters?


no you dont suck just bosses in general dont resonate with melee well

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I had the same exact experience. Picked Rath as my first character on the Algorithm during the Beta (and that boss fight promptly forced me to join the Forums because it was horrid) It is possible to complete, as I finally managed to kill him with my crossblades and sometimes slowly creeping closer to him to get a few hits.

A ton of topics are made on the subject. I thought it was a bug, who in their right mind would design a fight like that. But it wasn’t! (GBX Really like making enemies throw you in the air)

I agree, while not impossible, they seem to be significantly trickier with Melee. Especially the ones that stun and knock up when you go close.

oh sorry. i tried searching for something about it but didnt see much in the new forums. didnt check the beta though. also yeah i agree its difficult to damage issac at the end because i could not just get close and damage his crit spots without taking massing damage. i ended up as you did, having to wait for him to rush me and then crossblade his crit spot on leg then run away and wait for cool down. then wait for him to go through his attack process and wait for the next opportunity again. just felt kind of like a bloodborne or souls battle where i could only do limited damage and in a small window, could not get greedy or i would die.

A somewhat “minor” issue, how did the developers not anticipate this… I noticed this too with my play-through with Rath.

It’s a shame that last boss phase was terrible, the rest of the stage felt pretty awesome while playing as Rath. Made me feel like I was playing the intro, sprinting into battle, dodging bullets and chopping up robots. That head phase though, ugh.

I only had one extra life left sondidnt get to attempt it again. But it just seemed like I was taking constant damage in the air. No way to adjust it do anything I tried to get a few hits in when my momentum took me towards the head but honestly I had no idea what was happening. What are you supposed to do there? I didn’t have this issue with Marquis for example.

Honestly for the moment you should refrain from soloing the Algorithm with a melee character. The Isic fight is possible (as long as you are lucky enough to get close enough to him) but it just isn’t any fun :pensive:

OK thanks for the advice. That is main reason why I posted this as I want to practice with new characters in solo mission. Thinking this is the first one it should be ideal to start but if you are melee character it seems much harder. I won’t waste another hour going through with another melee character. I guess it’s just better to pick a different later mission for solo melee.

Yeah, other missions are better for melee. You can also try characters out in private PvP against AI enemies. You don’t get any progress towards challenges but do still gain XP.

Really? I didn’t know that just assumed it made you have a minimum of 2 for verses. I’ll try it tonight. Thanks for the tip.