First Opinions - Not my cup of tea

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I only have 2 games under my belt, but as much as I would like to continue playing and give more in-depth opinions on the game and keep a look out for any bugs, I can’t due to the lag, which would make it difficult for me to do either due to the unpredictable way lag changes things. It did work and run fine on my system, for what it’s worth.

General Concept
An arena shooter with power cards and weapons. That’s ok. I suspect the card system is for MT, which I have no love for though. Correct me if I’m wrong of course, but this has to be a risk of being a real “pay to play” game, and I have a rather lenient stance on that.

That ain’t too bad if this game wasn’t designed to be what I assume is a competitive arena shooter. If it isn’t, boy, marketing is going to have a tough time.

Art Style
I know its a CTT, but environments looks drab with too much glare. Everything is just so bright and washed out looking. The default avatar looks cool though, I am interested in the development on characters and customization options as the games progresses on it’s content roadmap.

Map Design
I like the small, simple and sometimes claustrophobic feel of the maps. It’s good to have an open area for rockets/rails and “CQB” like areas. Just, with skills, you inevitably force players to go into a position stacked against them. I don’t like that feeling, but this is up for debate.

Lag. it’s bad. 1 second lead for aiming with disorientating “teleport” onto ledges when jumping for me. I know this is a tough issue, and I’m not located in the US, which is a reason. But it feels almost as bad as Quake 1 on a high ping.

Weapons Used/Used on me:
Rocket - It’s ok. It’s Quake. I like it. Damage is decent.
Detonader - A tad underwhelming, with the problem being distance lobbed and speed of projectile.
Railgun - Not a 1 hitter, which is I am ok with. The alt-fire thing is interesting, but doesn’t feel in place for some reason, perhaps it’s an art thing.
Bit Blaster - I don’t like it. It removes “skill-based competitive” from your skill-based competitive shooter of a game you have here. The reload mechanic seems contrived, I know it’s to balance it out, but how about just not have it home in the first place?
Tesla Coil - The damage on this is too high, with the TTK about the same as a railgun, but with the ability to shoot through walls?

Skills Used/Used on me:
Sentry - Takes too long to destroy.
Meteor - This literally made me go “WTF!”. What were you guys thinking??
Vampiric - An interesting concept but changes the concept of Arena Shooter to Tag. I hate playing Tag.
Code Breaker - Interesting, but like Bit Blaster, it can significantly alter the dynamics and balance of the game.`
Adrenaline - Another interesting concept, this time it doesn’t take away from the objective.
Air Jump - It’s a double jump, nothing much to say here, cooldown is a tad more then I would like, but it’s for balance.
Bubble Shield - It works, but not quite as intended. I got shot by a turret and player, but only returns damage to the turret. Also, not a fan on the limited nature of this skill.

Summary/Take Away/TL:DR
I like the concept. I have always been a fan of arena shooters. But, with a heavy heart, I can’t say I fell in love with P1v1 immediately, not like I did with Battleborn. I know it’s in CTT (which BB was as well when I fell in love with it), but the base mechanics did create a loadout which had my opponent just running away all the time, showing only when he has Meteor, Turret and his Bit Blaster all charged up.