First play, single player campaign feedback, good and bad

I just started the open beta today. I enjoy both PvE and PvP, however I went for the single player campaign just to get a feel for it. I started the first mission and picked Rath, things started out decent. I first ran into trouble fighting the ‘fridgid’ enemies, can’t really remember their name. Apparently they can turn immune to Rath’s damage, not sure if it’s everyone. I didn’t see them using an ability and the ‘immune’ that pops up when you hit them, doesn’t really show up well. so I’m sitting there swinging and just died and didn’t know why. I went back and this time I saw the immune and when I did, I would retreat, no sense if I can’t hurt them. I realized that I had no way of knowing when their immunity ended. I ended up just running up and attacking, eventually killed them.

Next I ran into the boss with a similar ability. It was very frustrating that i didn’t know when he was immune and when he wasn’t, I found that very often I would get knocked into the air and just fly away unable to do anything. I died once killing him, but did kill him.

The next trouble I ran into was the giant walker on four legs with weak points on the ends of the legs. As a melee character I found it near impossible to hurt this boss. When I approached him he would run me over, knock me flying, or somehow trap me underneath him and as he shifts I would get hurt. This was not fun, after dieing twice more, leaving two lives left, I finally kill him. I then see there are two flying skull things. Now I ask, how is a melee character supposed to kill that?!? On top of that, they were doing some sort of tractor beam shock thingy. I spent the whole fight getting slowly shocked to death while flying through the air unable to even get close to the skulls. I died to them three times and failed the mission.

Did I do something wrong? Is this game not really for single players? Are melee characters at that much of a disadvantage? There are a lot of positive’s about this game and I fully intend to play more, but I won’t even try single player again nor recommend it to players looking for a single player experience. I was getting frustrated and not having fun.

I also tried both missions with Rath and did get the feeling they were not designed with a melee character in mind. I was able to complete both (Void Edge being much easier than the first) but it was rather frustrating at times. I tried the Algorithm with a friend who was playing Oscar Mike (a ranged character) and it suddenly became much easier. The single-player mode might need some fine tuning, although I haven’t tried solo with a ranged character.

On a site note, I love the changes they made on Geoff. The fight is a lot more fun now than you actually understand what’s going on. I can actually stay alive with a melee character now.

I just like the challenge made on the raid bosses. The co-op jump pads. Not so much. Had instances where some player just wasn’t paying attention or deliberately screwing with the rest of us, not getting on a pad so we could progress. Maybe if there was a more visible vote kick option it wouldn’t be as aggravating.

Campaign is very boring. Hordes and more hordes of enemies.

I agree, characters melee are horrible because you’re surrounded by enemies.

I played it with Montana, and loved every minute of it. That being said, I could definitely see the frustration with melee characters on final huge bosses that are designed to run over characters and fly in the air.

I played the story as Kelvin i didn’t have any issues.

Honest question here, have you played a RPG before? Those ice golems aren’t immune, they just have to be hit in the orb in the center of their chest or with an AOE to deal damage to them. It’s pretty easy to observe if you step back for just a second, I mean it’s not a glowing orange tail but a bright blue orb in the center of their chest should be an obvious target. And even then the cores are still positioned low enough to be hit with basic melee attacks.

Now the boss can be a bit of bitch with Rath after you destroy his body because it’s nearly impossible to kill his ghost form, but it’s not undoable. I played the campaigns with a variety of melee characters(Galilea, Deande, Attikus) and Rath was the only one I had any issues with, and that was only the first playthrough. Every melee character has a skill or attack than can hit at range to compensate for those enemies. The lack of range is the trade off for being able to shred the waves of minions with ease.

From what little I could tell in the beta the single player missions are still designed with a team doing them in mind, not really solo affairs. The objectives are spread out at times, and on Void’s Edge you actually need to split the team up at one point. Honestly though as long as you take pretty much any character other than Rath you should be able to finish a story mode mission on normal while playing solo

Yep, just tried this as Rath, took forever using his few ranged skills to stop from being trampled by ISIC, but it was simple enough. The floating skull phase basically crapped all over me. I was able to hit ISIC twice with my ranged skill, was never in melee range of him because of the constant knock-up. I thought the game was advertised as “a bad ass for everyone.” These mechanics don’t allow this.

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I honest cant believe it made it into the beta and they kept it even after everyone who played the open beta said then should change it

Here I was hoping that would’ve been fixed by now. Timer would just run out on me. They made it very frustrating to enjoy as a melee character or even playing solo. Multiplayer is fun but campaign killed it for me. Oh well back to Walmart with this game.

It’s almost as if they forgot the had melee characters in some of the story missions.