First play through

So with my first play thru I should just go thru story and missions as i get them and worry about weapons keys eridium and such after I get to uvhm?, any tips I want to have a good full experience to push me to buy dlcs

Experiment with your build and any gear you find- some might surprise you with what they do, while other might surprise you at how well you like them. For example, I originally hated all assault rifles in this game as I considered the firing mechanics unrealistic (mainly because of being a military veteran- yes I know it’s a game, but still…). Then I found a Kerblaster for Axton and later tried a Hot Hail with Hellborn Krieg- changed my mind completely about those 2 weapons at least. The dlc contain gear that a lot of builds take advantage of but the game can be completed w/o them. If you’re a completionist search everyhwhere, if you just want to have fun don’t stress over getting ‘the best’ gear or only legendary gear in the belief that you ‘need’ it to beat the game. Take your time, have fun and if you have questions, ask away… :sunglasses:

Well, are you already on UVHM or are you starting on normal? If it’s your very first character, I would suggest doing side missions as they come if they have a unique weapon. Reason being, you’ll likely not have as many choices cause you wont have anything already saved. Then, if you start a new character, you’ll have some of the weapons already and can save the uniques for a higher level, such as saving them for 50 on TVHM or whatever level higher than 50 that you feel like on UVHM.

As far as using golden keys, it’s best to do so on normal and TVHM as a lot of those things wont scale as nicely for UVHM. You’ll get a few gems that are worth using in UVHM, but you’ll need some heavy duty stuff and it’s easier to get the good stuff on UVHM.

The DLCs are really good for loot, even the headhunter packs. Good for levels too.

Honestly, I’ll tell anyone how Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep is the best DLC ever.

Awesome thank you for the info. Yeah this is my first character I’m only at level 12now so I got a ways to go.

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Do everything, man. All the sidequests, really.
When you reach TVHM try to save the sidequests that give you unique gear so you can do them at level 50. If you buy the DLC after the first playthrough, do them all and the main quest without doing sidequests so you end up being level 50 with all open for you and can farm for almost all the unique.
In UVHM start with the HH packs so you can farm XP and gear every time you think you need new stuff.

TVHM has a few places where the enemies will jump in level and will have skulls by their name. Both the Fridge/Highlands and the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve are such areas. Be sure to do any and all side missions (except as I_gabrielcruze concerning missions with good loot) so you don’t have that issue when it arrives.

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