First playthrough balancing issues

So just today I finished my 5th BL3 playthrough on Nomral. I wanted to talk about some of the issues with how the second half of the game starts to drop off when participating in optional content. Most of you already know how easy the last 4 chapters of the story are if your chose to participate in any of the Slaughter Domes while leveling. In my opinion it detracts greatly from the experience. Killing a big boss that your 8 levels ahead of is less then satisfying.

I kind of what Normal Mode have enemies and rewards to scale upwards if a player is going to exceed the minimum level requirement. Keeping content above trivial. If I wanted trivial quests I probably would have the game set on easy. I know this would be a big change as they would haft to add a trigger on quests that would read the players level activity and adjust enemies accordingly like In Mayhem but I think the work would be worth it. My friend and I did the last 6 chapters of the game vastly over leveled and where only kept going by the games humor, visuals and having one another to talk to.

Amara said it best “I want a damn challange!”

At minimum I hope they put some more effort in to making the main missions scale based on level so that even if you do get over leveled on side missions and collectables you will still be challenged the next time you jump back to the games main narrative.

This is exactly why TVHM exists, and also answers the question people often ask about “the point of TVHM”.

It makes everything scale. That’s what it does. This is also why certain optional objectives are non-repeatable (Legendary Hunts, Assassination missions) - the best thing to do is to wait til TVHM, or at the very least being L50, to get the reward at the end (the Bekah, I think, for the Hunts, and the Lyuda for the Assassinations).


Main missions have never scaled in normal mode. You are supposed to go to true for that. That’s the exact reason it’s there.

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But for you first experience it kills the momentum for an archaic designe. I know there is a fan base who love to be able to over grind or overpower themselves to demolish games. I don’t want to take that away but maybe that is why there should be an option to have the game function similar to TVHM from level 1, At least for veteran players. Yes it’s nice to have a level 50 second playthrough but that Is just it a second playthrough. Its creating second opinions. A mechanic or boss that should have been challenging in your first playthrough is all new which is cool but at the same time I wonder why it wasn’t cool the first time.

i agree with you but at the same time i think that the normal mode is just fine like this.

BL2 was WAY easier at the first run and got incrisingly harder with the other modes to keep people interested and give a manageble challenge to everyone.
TVHM is made for have even more challenge.
Normal mode i feel like it’s for casuals and starters…i don’t think GBX should make normal mode more difficult. (in any way: lvl, challenges, ecc ecc)
if we want more challenge we can allways start the TVHM…yeah, i can understand if you’re starting a fresh new character and you have to sit through the sam quests and enemies once again for the new character…that would surely be boring for us “veterans” but again…normal mode is normal mode.
yeah, they could just add a, “hard” mode but imo i don’t think that mutch people whould hop on that mode to start a fresh new character for the simple fact that most people don’t know how that 2nd/3rd character works.
it would “ruin” the learning curve of the character

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Maybe I didn’t clarify by this is about the Inital leveling experience and as the title suggests. TVHM is new game plus it is a different experience the your first playthrough. I am suggesting go enhance the experience apply the scaling to the inital playthrough for a better gameplay experience. On my first playthrough I am not going to know what the level curve at the end of the game is. I will not know that playing all the missions or collecting all the logs will cause me to curb stomp the entirety of my return to Pandora.

On my 3rd run I knew what to skip so I didn’t over level. This is something I feel they should to to provide a better experience for ones first playthroughs with characters while leveling.

So maybe don’t grind slaughter shaft and over level yourself then? I’ve done 4 normal mode playthroughs and all but the first one I was under-leveled. The first one I was on level or 1 above because I did all the side missions. This is something you are doing to yourself then asking for the game to be catered to you. There is absolutely no reason to overlevel yourself in normal mode playthrough unless you do it to yourself on purpose.


I feel like they shouldn’t and that normal is fine how it is.

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I disagree. Outleveling a boss and roflstomping it is the best part of RPG-like level systems.

What sucks is when things are supposedly scaled to your level and then you run into level 51 enemies.

I agree it is important go keep a learning curve. BL1 kicked my butt back in the day. I was new to Shooters in general and got stomped a ton of times. In BL3 as is I think it’s the easiest game by far and it also offers an easy mode to help out players not familiar with shooters or Borderlands. Again managing he curve is what it comes down to. Veteran players are the ones you want to challange and me having to wade though the second half of the game so I can be challenged when I feel like playing the game all over again on the same character is well… yikes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you played tvhm mayhem 3?

Maybe I’m in the minority but I start to lose interest if something is to easy and I put little effort I to making it that way the I lose interest. In some RPGs like Final Fantasy games or Dragon Quest where I grind for hours just to destroy stuff ya I love that but that is because it feels like it is a fruit from my effort. In BL3 I view doing all the side quest as just something you do to hear all the writing. If I spent 2 days in a Slaughter dome grinding then ya that is more in line with the result I would expect.

The so-called ‘easy mode’ doesn’t really feel much easier. I often wonder if it’s a placebo.


Yes twice. Once on Amara and once on Zane. I mean now that I have 5 characters with level 50 (one is literally a pack mule for items) it doesn’t matter as much. I just feel like it would have been more enjoyable in my first couple playthroughs if I had known to avoid the Circles of Slaughter and some of the optional collectables and missions if I wanted to keep from being hilariously overpowered on the final planet. I thought the last planet was going to be all threatening and… nope it’s dead in 2 shots ok.
Mayhem 3 dose offer some challenges in your second playthrough but iv found that alot of them are based on if the Modifiers were bad on a boss.

In my personal opinion I feel like them not having scaling level tech all the time in Borderlands is an out dated idea. But I know that there is a portion of the fan base who still wants to see level discrepancies while leveling. I just wish the discrepancies never got as egregious as they did in this game.

I tried it our after I was about half way in my first playthrough all I noticed was enemies missing more and moving less. I honestly figured it was BL2s AI in BL3 XD

I guess what I would like to see is TVHM or Mayhem Mode from level 1. If TVHM had been unlocked game wide I probably would have leveled all my characters after my first in it then reset the quests when I unlocked Mayhem mode so I could go after max level anointed quest rewards and such.

I’m guessing you didn’t play bl2 because if you did you would know to avoid that lol.

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That defeats the point of having separate modes man, cmon.

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Are Guardian Ranks a factor? I’ve decided to stop making new characters until it can be toggled off.

You can up your difficulty at the main menu if you want your challenge.