First playthrough xbox one

I am currently going through my first play-through of the game on xbox one because i could not get my saves from my 360 :confused: if anyone wants to level up some toons just post your username and i will add you. I have a level 10 commando at three horns valley.

Also, looking for some reasonably decent players so it would be preferred 18+, but it is not a big deal if you aren’t

Notmonti380 I have a level 16 commando on normal mode I’d like to mess around with and a level 72 Psycho.


I have a lvl 14 doppel on TPS

lvl 72 siren BL2

Op8 mech
60 siren
13 commando
Gt: InsigniaVertigo
I am 18+

WalrusSaysWAUL lvl 24 ish mecha and 8 gunzerker

I’m currently playing through the pre sequel so add me if interested. lvl 24 gladiator

Gamer tag: BlacGeezus

just shoot me a message anytime you want to play