First Prestige for BAR

Have all characters at level 60, but only Nisha has beat Uvhm. As for the rest, they have yet to play past the very first mission in uvhm. I leveled up between 50 to 60 just by doing the first mission over and over(reset) for high xp when mission is turned in. Waiting for the Handsome collection, and mostly for the release of Clappy"s new DLC to finish other characters playthrough on UVHM.
So i started farming for BAR rank, and i finally prestige. Something i cared nothing about doing in BL2. Had a high BAR, just from new charcters and playing the game.

Has anybody else prestige, or how many times have you ?

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…Why does Nisha look like she’s from “Rocky Picture Horror Show”? O_o

Maybe it’s the Undertaker head. Well at least I think it’s called that. Really don’t care about customization in borderlands. Cannot see character while playing game…

Probably a good thing - I’d creep myself out playing that one.

Congrats on the prestige btw - still haven’t broken out of TVHM, largely because I keep getting sucked back into BL2 and BL1.

Infidel!!! D:

I want to say I had prestiged 7 times in BL2, this game I didn’t care enough

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Undertaker head? Ooo, must get that. How?

Hey, you can see your character on a vehicle, and on the inventory screen (where you can rotate them too).

There’s another recent prestige-ing thread. I’ll repeat here what I said there: It’s too much of a PITA. I play strictly solo. If I want more BAR, I’ll start a new character.

I am the same way…Play strictly solo 99.9 percent of the time.
kinda of got bored with end game, so I started farming bar.
Played faithfully almost every day since release of BL 1. Sometimes a couple hours or marathon gaming days!!Tps is testing my faith.
The game needs more…more any thing.

Undertaker Head…from one of the challenges I think…

I feel you. I’m re-playing Captain Scarlett DLC and I have plans to do a run of all the HH packs after that. Borderlands 2 is so damn awesome ^^

Congrats on the prestige.

Undertaker head is the reward for death from above level 5. The only head i use. Love it.