First Remastered Paper Model?

As far as I have seen, this is the first paper model to come out of Remastered
Most of the ship models wont import from the .hod files with the current tools, I suspect it is caused by the badges. The few without badges import fine

@ Gearbox: do you have any problems with me releasing this, and any other paper model I make?


I was hoping somebody would be remaking the paper models.

I have the PC skills of a fruit bat or I would try to figure it out. Will you be releasing a way to download/print these?

As long as Gearbox doesn’t have any problems with it, yes

If you want true legal permission to make and distribute paper model diagrams you need to get written consent from Gearbox. You can’t do it here and protect yourself if for some reason you are concerned about being criminally charged by Gearbox.

Go to the Gearbox home page and select “Business Development or Licensing” and type a short description of your concern and wish to receive written consent to make paper models. They should respond back regarding any permissions they would require, or direct your inquiry to the appropriate channels.

Personally I have never heard of anyone being held liable for infringement if they are not charging, or if they are not making claims of ownership. People have been sharing paper models for decades and I could not find a single case in the US court system that is related to the subject matter, however I only did a few standard searches.

Just make sure that you need an actual document to get permission if that’s what you want. A forum post from a company rep wouldn’t hold up in court as far as I know.

Maybe someone else around here would know more?

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Love it :slight_smile: are you using pepakura for the unfolding ?

Tried sending them a message, no reply.

I do use pepakura, tried a couple others and none worked as well. I do wish I had the high res version though

Hd version is a bit too pricey for my pocket considering how infrequently I use it :frowning:

do you cut by hand or use a Silhouette cutter (or similar) ?

like uranium said people have been sharing paper models for decades unless you are charging a fee nobody from GB is going to care.

Given their encouragement for modding the actual game without needing permission I can’t imagine they would care if some hobbyist tossed out some cardboard templates

Just make them and let people be creative