First sentry in incursion healing

Ok since this June Update there’s some wonky things that’s been happening, with a yellow light showing up at random times, music not playing after PvP, but this is the biggest one, and that’s the sentry is now recovering?

I dunno if this is a glitch or not, but I’ve yet to see Alani or Reyna heal the sentry in previous patches. I wanted to say that it maybe would go both ways but our sentry didn’t heal at all.

Is this new or has this always been happening?

Also side note, does anyone feel like deaths in PvP are alot easier to accomplish/happen to you? I feel that if an Alani bubbles you it automatically gives a person a death now, even Boldur. I dunno, could just be me but it feels dying is alot easier now.

I only played one game tonight with the new patch I went 20 and 1 with thorn didn’t see any of that but I was getting lots of kills easy

RE: dying/killing - It is because players are getting the hang of it and are getting good. I have been in matches with no first blood at the first 3-4 mins of the game unlike when everyone during the early times that are going gung-ho just to have the first kill. I was also just in a game with the 1st sentry down in just under +/- 5 mins because of our very cooperative push against a disorganized team (not to saying a beginners because of their command ranks). Also I noticed that frequently there are parties being formed now with a balanced team composition fighting against a team with just pure attackers.

I think Sentries do not heal. In other MOBAs like LoL there are heroes that can passively heal a turret or the other main structures heal over time. I have never seen the sentry gain health for the longest time, but I may be wrong. I have seen a Reyna dropping the shield near the Sentry just to soak up some damage though.

Maybe you are getting good at Thorn :slight_smile: I got the hang of Caldarius/Toby too and easily did almost the remaining mass of kills through them during my last 30+ matches or so, just to earn the “Predator” badge at command rank 71.

I saved the video of the sentry healing, I may post later. I understand themeta devloping but t i just noticed it from the update. Could be just me but ill see some more