First thoughts from a long-time high-level Quake player

The maps
For starters, they are TOO small and visually cluttered. Yes, it’s a 1v1 game, but that doesn’t mean every map has to be smaller than a high school classroom.

  1. The maps are made up of small corridors that leads to small openings with a medium sized opening in the center of the map, and from the center of the map you can easily see where an enemy spawns because of the bright flash of the invulnerability bubble when you spawn in.
  2. The maps with textures right now are way too visually cluttered and has no variance. It all just becomes a blur because of the overly cluttered textures in small spaces.

The cards
Like I said before, there’s really no point in using any other main weapon other than the rocket launcher because of the small maps.

  1. Because you’re only given 2 weapon slots, that means you’ll get a reduced amount of variety in terms of weapon usage. As of right now, 1 slot will always be the rocket launcher, and the other will probably be a hitscan weapon like the Tesla or the Rail once people start getting those cards.
  2. Abilities are essentially also 2 slots, because 1 slot will be dedicated to Air Jump. Every ability is sort of insane and because they’re all insane, they’re all viable.

The weapons
As I said before, rocket launcher dominates every other weapon.

  1. Bit Blaster is a joke. Why spam with Bit Blaster when you can spam with RL?
  2. Shotgun has too long of a cooldown and has too much spread.
  3. Detonader really has no point when the arenas are so small that you’re better off just using the RL to do splash damage, especially since the RL has a bigger splash radius (375 vs 540), more damage, and even if it fires 0.05 seconds slower, it’ll still shoot faster overall because you’re not having to detonate your shots like the Detonader.
  4. Railgun is a hitscan weapon and will likely be always be chosen as secondary.
  5. Tesla Coil is a hitscan weapon and will likely always be chosen as secondary, especially since you can shoot through walls with it, combined with the small arenas and the few wall-hack abilities.

Everything else

  1. Mouse sensitivity being a percentage instead of a solid number is bad.
  2. Not enough health bubbles on the maps.
  3. I like the implemented spectator mode

I’m giving you guys the benefit of the doubt because it’s still the Closed Technical Test, and I get what you guys are trying to do, but making a casual AFPS requires a lot more than just removing mechanics that added a strategic layer and expecting it to work.

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I entirely agree on the map and weapons.

Rocket + Rail seems like the best combo once you get used to it. Rocket + Tesla isn’t bad as you can more easily finish off mobile targets. The shotgun can be powerful, but at the ranges that it is useful, the rocket is just as good. While the bit blaster isn’t good, I’m happy it exists as its an interesting weapon. Definitely not the most competitive, but can be fun/interesting to use. I wish they would just make Air Jump baseline. There is no reason to not take it, and it feels bad to not have it.

The maps are just really bad right now. You always just fight at the top of the map. No reason to go anywhere else other than to grab health while your opponent respawns.

I forgot to mention, but Rocket Launcher seems a little bit off right now. I don’t know if there’s a slight deviation on where the rocket will go when you shoot it, or if it’s just major lag, but whenever I shoot, it sometimes goes below my crosshair from where I was aiming.

ALSO, there’s the fact that player level directly affects how much damage you deal and/or take when facing people with a different player level. So for instance if you’re level 1, or 3, or 5, or whatever, and the other player is level 8, they’ll only take 25 damage from a direct rocket.

This is absolutely awful and bad design.

As the unreal-player I can say, that this game is more closer to the Unreal Championship 2 from xbox. And UC2 has similar system: there is no weapons on the map, you just have two groups of weapon - direct (shock, sniper, bio, stinger) and explosive (flac, rocket, disc, grenade). You must pick 1 weapon from each groups before the match and then just pick up ammo for the current group. Every character had their personal group of abilities: damage, control, balance, etc.

So, it was perfect and I had really enjoyed UC2. And now i hope that this game will go this direction, not some boring Quake or pop-based Doom or… some kind of mercy from Epic…

I am happy you were able to get this going because, while not a high level quake player, I’ve played quite a few PC shooters and felt the same thing.

Specifically, the rocket launcher vs. every other gun. Two - three shots from range kills just about anything and while I would like to try some other weapons out, OP did basically say what I felt during my time so far with the game. Rockets are the best, double jump is necessary (probably shouldn’t be an ability but instead just inherent in the game for everyone… or like a perk you can pick if there will eventually be trees in addition to cards… I can feel it coming already…), but the weapon I enjoy, the shotgun, feels largely underwhelming.

The only way I was able to really utilize it well, and this could definitely be intended, is to use mines to find a location of someone, use cinders, run up and shotgun them point blank. I did it so much in one match that the opponent took out his shotgun and tried it as well. But, I shouldn’t need invisibility to make a weapon viable, if it needs that much more information and the use of two abilities to work well, I think that causes an issue. I have tried closing the distance on an opponent through trickery but of course, getting pummeled the whole way to them by rockets doesn’t help since there is an optimal range for the shotgun to be used.

That said, the insane weapons and abilities (my favorite is Excalibur at the moment), really do feel powerful and hilarious so I like the direction. Just have to reaffirm that OP is right on the money of weapon balance currently.

that’s how that works? what?