First time in Mayhem...a few questions

I just finished the story at level 43, and I left behind a slew of side quests that I’d like to go back to. I just want to verify a few things:

Is Mayhem mode the only way to set the game in a way that all areas scale to my current level? (I only ask this because when I went back to Pandora in normal mode , the starting enemies were still level 3). Basically, I want to fully explore all the areas I missed, and get XP that scales to my level.

If that pink bar above my XP bar fills, will I jump into Mayhem 2 automatically, or do I still have to change it in my menu?

If I stay on Mayhem 1, will enemies continue to scale with me until I reach the level cap anyway (not the mayhem levels, just my current character level)?

Is there anything inherently better about a Mayhem level gun compared to the normal ones? For instance, if I have a normal weapon that does 500 damage, and a gun at Mayhem 2 that does 400, does the normal one still do better damage (everything else being equal). I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some hidden math in the Mayhem guns that I wasn’t factoring in.


that is for your guardian rank tokens, not mayhem levels. u can change mayhem level at anytime in the menu


the higher the mayhem level of a gun, the more damage it does

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So, once I’m in Mayhem mode, any Mayhem level gun I find should always be slotted over any gun I picked up at the end of normal mode?

Technically yes, though it should be noted that some guns are still just objectively better and might even outclass a gun that has a higher level or Mayhem level. Generally speaking, don’t worry about the Mayhem level of a gun and just compare the stats on the item card.

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Gotcha…that’s what I wanted to know. I was seeing all these legendaries at Mayhem 1 and 2, but still had some level 43 ones that seemed better statistically. Just making sure . Thanks.

Some weapons will get additional Mayhem scaling depending on your skills that’s not indicated on the card. Best bet is just to test things out as you go and use what works better.

Tbf, a tvhm playthrough also scales …