First time killing Wotan

This isnt me complaining about the game or anything this is just me sharing my bad luck.

So decided to put my character to the test and do solo mayhem 4 wotan.

I am not a hardcore nut so my character(fl4k) is not spec’d to the nines.

Spend maybe 30-45 mins clearing the areas.

Finally get to wotan and find it relatively straight forward and doable. Got right to the end, wotan is on about 1% health, things are going good, decide just to finish him off with lucians call while going cloaked and using the st4kbot class mod. Lay waste to said Wotan the not so invincible and the lucian must have decided it wanted to send wotan to the shadow realm because my game crashed as he died. I sat there thinking that did not happen, reloaded the game only to find myself back on sanctuary with a failed takedown mission.



Well that’s pretty bad luck, but on the plus side you beat it first try so you’ll get there again.

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It happens to the best of us my friend! I took a break and dang this game has changed…I used to solo M4 Maliwan takedown when it was still scaled for 4 people…with the most bizarre Moze radiation builds no one ever thought of…lol now they don’t work anymore! I’m sorta lost now…but I’ve been working on some new ideas that I think will blow peoples minds if I can get it down right. Don’t let it get you down! I wanted to punch my screen when the same thing happened to me…and it happened several times. Just keep pushing forward and you’ll get it!

I was unable to defeat him scaled on Normal. So, while I want to feel sympathy, I think I’m feeling a little schadenfreude instead.

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I was unable to beat him on normal too - can´t find a way to destroy his shield.
Never try it again… :frowning:

for you - better luck next time!

Mate, you beat it first try at least (sort of) - I am still struggling to last more than 30 seconds in the arena :slight_smile:

Well maybe you should be complaining because this happens a lot, it is unacceptable that this game still has these issues so long after release, in fact it is disgraceful.

Are you on PS4 by any chance, as I am ?. Because, I would love to run the Takedown more often but what is the point because of these issues, even if it doesn’t crash at Valkeries it still may do at Woton, you spend more time worrying about the blue screen of despair than you do enjoying the game. Sort this ■■■■ out GBX :disappointed:

you cant shoot any shield of his. u have to shoot wotan himself. so yellow/orange shield has a hole or u hav to go in his frst to get to the hole in the 2nd

I’ve had it happen 3 times now where I kill Wotan but the game doesn’t seem to register it and I’m just stuck in the arena. I have literally blow myself up with a RL to restart from the checkpoint. It’s very frustrating.

Also happened twice in the second area where the game wouldn’t recognized I killed everything and the door would never open.

And I’m spec’d to the nines, as you say, so I can do the 4 man Takedown solo in about 15 minutes. I feel bad for people like you that have to struggle through it only to get this kind of BS.

I remember playing Dead Space 2 in Hardcore Mode and was maybe 10 minutes from making my first save at the Ishimura and the power went out. I never went back.

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Join the club; impossible for solo play to beat him, same thing happen to me the first time now all I get is heavies and bosses over and over and you can not get to Wotan……

A point of clarification please. Are you saying that you find Wotan impossible to beat solo or are you saying that Wotan is impossible to beat solo in general? Thanks.

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I can solo Maliwan Takedown on 4 player scaling. It’s just a matter of getting the absolute best builds that are super OP.

They must be giving you some weapons and class mods that help cant find any weapons or mods, all four players same thing. Three complete play throughs and have the same sorry weapons cant find any bettet even the ones they mail me are worse then the ones I have, there no use in sending them all they do is clog things up.

Not quite :grin:

Wow did not expect this many replies :sweat_smile: so im not sure if my kit just works and ive managed to create a class thats semi good by accident or whether ive just been lucky with my drops but ive gotten to wotan a few times now with relative ease (provided i take my time and dont go hyper aggressive) but same thing seems to keep happening i get right to the end bout to destroy wotan (ive tried killing the top half instead of the bottom first etc) but same thing keeps happening game just crashes right as hes about to commit sepuku. Might have to delete my game and reinstall or something but yeah not really sure whats goin on :joy:

as for some people that are having troubles etc im no class god expert or anything for borderlands but if you need any help with gear or tips for the getting through i would be happy to help.

If any one wants to team up aswell i would be happy to play, i play on ps4 so just leave your names and i will try and make sure i add everyone :joy:. I have my friend requests turned off because i use to get heaps of spam.

I am a father and am on call with work so i dont have heaps of time to hop and play but i try to make time.


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