First Time Maya Play-Through: Skill Tree Recs

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Yo, Long time BL player. Never did Maya in all this time.
Been mainly Zero, Axton, Gaige, and a little Salvador. Anyways, my playing style is what I call Run-n-Gun.
I use No Action Skill, No Grenades, Rocket Launchers, nor Shotties-I do keep one. but, 95% of the time it just sittin’ in my pack. I for the most part run head on into a situation and take care of Bullet Business. It has made me a very good shot. Not just Kills. But also Crits, Ammo Conservation, Tightly Timed Reloads, Controlled Rapid Fire Auto Shooting, Sniping, etc.

So, never having playing her. I need some Skill Tree recs for Pure Hot Lead Death.

Preferred Guns: 1) Pistol, 2) Assault Rifle, 3) SMG-Group Situations mainly, 4) Sniper Rifle
(3 - 4 are interchangeable depending on the situation)

Thank Guys!

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what level do you play, 72 or OP8?

you might find something here.

Try the Blurred trickster build, you might like it.

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I play through to Lvl 72 and into the Low OPs. But, if I feel my Build, Toon and Weapons are strong enough. I’ll go to OP 8.

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Thanks for the Link.

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To Clarify, Since this is my First Maya play through. I’m starting from the beginning.

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well maya is the strongest in normal and true so enjoy your playthrough with her. you can use anything and it will work well.


The question would be if you plan on using her action skill or not. If so, then Sub-Sequence builds and Thoughtlock builds are out. And so is a lot of DPS and the most significant healing skill.
Some skills only work with her action skill : Wreck, Helios & Chain Reaction (damage), Sweet Release & Elated (healing), Converge (crowd control) - so you should get used to the idea.

Pretty much every build is going to take Harmony to Wreck, Cataclysm to Ruin and Motion to Converge and will look something like this depending on COM.

From there it’s pretty much optional.

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btw, how’s the playthrough on No action skill Salvador?

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K, I’ll check it out.

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I die a lot

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Maya without Phaselock! :open_mouth: Yep! That’s definetly something I’ve never tried. An endgame build with that in mind could look like this.
Your best COM options for this would be a Killer or Wild Cat (awesome SMG buff), Cunning Fox (Reaper and Blight Phoenix) or a Mirrored Trickster (Kinetic Reflection and Life Tap). You’ll need to move some skill points around to get 5/5 in Kinetic Reflection. It’s a very nice skill in areas where enemies use regular guns.

To get the most out of her, I strongly recommend using your action skill. So many skills depend on it.

Maya is my main character, and I start new Maya’s all the time. Here’s how I go down the skill tree.
2/5 in Sweet Release - Always nice to be able to heal yourself.
5/5 in Ward - Works wonders for your shield.
5/5 in either Suspension or Accelerate - Accelerate is a flat dps increase, but Suspension is really nice when you have a Badass enemy phaselocked, and your guns aren’t quite up to par. Players choice.
1/1 in Converge - A truly amazing skill for crowd control. Phaselock and throw an AoE grenade at the bunched up enemies, and watch them die horribly. Converge also synergizes very well with skills like Chain reaction and Ruin.

At this point, you can choose to either continue down the Harmony tree and get Wreck, or you can start down the Cataclysm tree. Cataclysm is a bit of overkill in NVHM, but at the same time, it’s fun to use. The skills to go for there are Foresight, Chain Reaction, Reaper and Ruin. Immolate is great, but gets canceled when you use Moxxi guns, so keep that in mind. The other skills needed to get furthe down the tree are a matter of choice, really. But Flicker does very little, so you might wanna skip that one.

Hope it helps! Good luck!

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To that end, here’s some stuff you may or may not be aware of that will lubricate your experience here a great deal.

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@Kuolemanlaakso, that’s the way it came out after I replied to individual post. So blame the Software and GUI.

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Thank You for the great info.

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I believe that what @Kuolemanlaakso is getting at is that you can use the orange “Reply” button at the bottom of the thread instead of the little curved arrow in each post and then tag multiple users or insert multiple quotes in the same reply. It makes things a little neater.

And I’d listen to @Ronnie_Rayburn. His advice is always solid.

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:blush: I like you now!

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So, @Ronnie_Rayburn, up to now my love was unrequited? Eh, story of my life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :

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This passage aroused my interest. It is true that many players play dependent on her action skill, but in fact she is quite a powerful character without it. I have made a useful build at an OP level above 72 levels.
This build uses RR shield, L-Cat, or (Blue)Trickster with this skill configuration. And vitality Relic will help a lot. It is a build that enables fast mobility with 5/5 Fleet and can break through attacks that rain on 5/5 or higher LifeTaps.
As you have not played with her, you will not understand my immediate introduction. However, I hope you will refer to it once you have gained experience understanding of it.:slightly_smiling_face:

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@kbk160008 Thanks for the great advice! Lilith was my Best Toon in BL-1. So I know I’ll have a Bad Ass time with Maya. I will certainly put your advice into action and see how it works for me. Thanks once again for your input.