First Time Nisha Questions

Hi all!

I’ve tried searching around for the answer but didn’t manage to come up with the right keywords I guess. So, I’m playing Nisha for the first time and sometimes when killing and rampaging I see what look like sheriff badges bouncing all over the place - what are they all about? I assume there is some significance but I’m not sure what they are or how to use them.

Also - I’ve read on here about “stacks” - would someone please explain those? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

That’d be the Wanted skill. If an enemy would cause you to gain an Order stack they also gain a Wanted stack up to maximum of 5 symbolized by these badges. If you hit them with one or more it causes some bonuses damage depending on how many they had and how many points you have in the Wanted skill.

(An Order stack is gained whenever you lose 15% of your Health and if you or an ally kills an enemy while you have a point Blood of the Guilty. Read more about all that in the Law & Order skill tree.)

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Stacks are an interesting mechanic within the game that provide a temporary boost of some kind. Each character has their own specific stack mechanic, often (always?) two different kinds. Some stacks are limited in size and decay quite quickly, while others can build to quite large numbers and are only lost on dying or entering FFYL. As another example, Athena has Storm Weaving and Maelstrom.

@BlackHeartV has already covered Wanted and Order. You can check out the other characters versions using the skill calculator The only thing I’d add is that you’ll see icons for the different types of stacks appear above your XP bar on the HUD, along with icons for any kill skills that get activated.

Thank you, VaultHunter101!

So the sheriff badges I see displayed over the bad guys’ heads tell me how many order stacks for that particular enemy- right? I just started noticing that in addition to the badges bouncing around there are rows of badges above the enemies heads. I have to admit that it’s very hard to keep track of any bonuses or stacks when in the heat of battle - not at the level I play at anyway! :wink:

Thanks again!

If you play with someone using the Doppelganger character, you could also see $ signs.