First time player, who should I play as? BL2

Do you have a weapon type you prefer? Playstyle? Any details at all?

If not roll a 6 sided dice(assuming you have dlc characters) and let it decide

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So I am guessing that means all characters are beginner friendly?

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Axton/maya beginner friendly
The other 4 can take a bit of getting used to(especially kreig), but don’t let that discourage you from starting with 1 of them


Axton and Maya tend to be the most reliable to start with as Pie said.

Zer0 is awesome (my main I suppose) but has negligible healing skills which makes him much more challenging.

Gaige is odd - great, but not a good starter imo.

Krieg is also not a great one to start with but highly recommended.

Sal is fantastic - don’t let anyone tell you different.

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This is more the kind of response I was looking for. Thank you. I understand that Pie would like more info from me to give a better recommendation but I don’t have much input on that front tbh. I don’t really have a preferred playstyle or weapon but want opinions on the different characters. Don’t just want to roll a die.

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In addition to the recommendations for characters, you may find this helpful:

If you have questions about specific characters, head on over to the relevant character sub-sections. And if you have questions, ask away!


Thanks for all the replies, I think I made a decision but I’ll wait until I read what @DocStrangelove has to say cause it looks like he has been writing a reply for a long time lol

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ikr?! :rofl:

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As the others have said, all of them are fine. I usually don’t recommend Krieg to people new to the series because a little experience and understanding of the game’s mechanics is certainly useful for playing him effectively (which in this case means, not getting yourself killed all the time). Since you’ve played BL1 though, I bet you’ll understand him faster than total newcomers. But still he’s a bit tricky with a suicidal action skill and many skills that damage himself. Still great fun being a burning psycho setting everyone on fire before hacking them to pieces.

Zer0 is different to Mordecai, he’s a sniper but also stealth and melee. As others have said, not the easiest character, needs a little more playing skill than most other classes imo. On the other hand, his action skill can be used as an emergency exit similar to Lilith’s Phasewalk.

Axton is basically Roland. Balanced character with relatively straightforward skills, so pretty easy to understand. Good for beginners.

Maya shares some skills with Lilith (like elemental boosts) but is very different because of Phaselock which has many uses. Good for beginners as well, and also excellent in coop.

Sal if you want to go in all guns blazing with regenerating ammo and such.

Gaige… actually pretty easy in the early game after unlocking Deathtrap, but yeah she’s a little odd. She’s got a skill tree that reduces accuracy, she’s got a skill that lets you just shoot at the ground because bullets ricochet towards enemies… her action skill is of a fire and forget nature–just press the button once and Deathtrap will do the rest on its own. Most other classes require more tactical/skilful use of their action skill. My main issue with Gaige is that Deathtrap is glitched and sometimes just stops fighting when you really don’t want that to happen.


Not that long… was watching videos and a few minutes ago noticed I still had an unfinished post open :stuck_out_tongue:


Well worth the wait, thank you good sir/miss for the comprehensive writeup.

You guys are making Kreig sound like a lot of fun but his playstyle and skillcap is a bit overwhelming atm tbh. Will read through Ax and Maya’s abilities again and probably choose between those two. Thanks again.

I wouldn’t think Krieg is that hard. Just pretty boring on lower levels because he requires quite a bit of skill points to get skill synergies going. A lot of the skills just don’t really do much for you early on. Getting into multiple skill trees and unlocking ammo and grenade SDUs does wonders for him and makes him really, really fun.

Some of the skills can be outright harmful without being able to tie them into the other skills they synergize with, yes. They are kind of easy to spot though (I wouldn’t touch the right side tree early on).

I decided on maya but thanks for the advice. He sounds like a second playthrough char to me right now, and I will take what you said into consideration when I play him.


Good choice, she’s my favourite to this day. One tip: get Cloud Kill as soon as it’s possible (lvl 16). You won’t regret it.


And then spec out of it again until UVHM :wink:

CK is so ridiculously over powered, to me it takes all the fun out of the game. Well, “all”…some. I’ve got a few (4?) Sirens and only the OP8s are allowed to have it.

By all means take it but I recommend playing at least part of the time without.

You’ll love her - everyone does. And having a tier one healing skill is huge.


At least one should spec out of CK for the Medical Mystery X-Communicate mission. The gun provided for that mission can’t hold a candle to the Cloudkill damage, at least outside NVHM.
But as a first time player it should help to get in the groove…

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Or better yet, don’t do it. I said don’t!





Someone over at Gamefaqs actually told me also that CK makes the game easy mode. Sounds like hell of an ability.