First-Time Poster Wants & Trades!

Hey all! First time in the forum and I’m running out of bank space! I’ll break down everything into sections and try to get back to eveyone as quickly as I can, also please be patient as I’m normally not a PlayStation player. Anointed will always be preferred but not always needed

GT: SithLordWooky

Hex Grenades : splitting off of 2 I would prefer anointed and shocked or cryo

Rowan’s Call : in Fire & Cryo prefer anointed

Lucians Call : Cryo & Fire anointed preferred

Legendary projector Relic. Just havent found one

Flak Bounter Hunter CM with action cool down

Amara Seeker CM

Amara anointed weapons

Haves CM:

×2 volatile Maelstrom nimbus
×1 imbued carpet-bombing Elementalist

Bangin’ reinforced bear Trooper
Megaton Molly MindSweeper
Megaton smoking rocketter
Molly gains mind sweeper
Molly gains mind sweeper
Thermobaric gambling rocketter

Antihero patched transport
Next day jury rigged shockerator
Packaged resourceful shockerator

Clawing shareware deadeye
Gouging shareware deadeye
Headhunting cosmic stalker
Collector cosmic stalker
Venator headhunting cosmic stalker
×2 Venator ranger cosmic stalker
Tallying ranger cosmic stalker
Venator bounty hunter
×2 (( 1@50 & 1@10)) Rabid bounty hunter
Showboating snarling red fang
Showboating red fang

Woodblocker : ACE status effect damage and chance 75%

Shocking vanquisher: Fade away accuracy and handling

Cashing fused Cross Road (shock) : fade away accuracy and handling

Binary stark devoted (fire): ACE accuracy & handling

Searing Malaks bane (fire) : ACE deals 125% more to badasses bosses and named

Handsome Jack Hammer (rad): extra rank

Expert devoted (coro) : ACE next 2 mags rad damage 50%

Double penetrating occultist (fire): ACE fire and reload 26%

Stark Krakatoo (fire) gamaburst is active 65% rad damage

Burning nasty Alchemist (fire): ACE next 2 mags rad damage 50%

Hungry sleeping giant: ACE melee damage 100%

Defrauding conference call (Coro) : ACE weapon status effect damage in cancer increased by 75%

Iron Will TK’s wave : extra rakk

Firecell glamorous gunerang XL(fire): extra rakk

Conference call : ACE crit up 25%

Hyper-charged Whiskey Tango Foxtrot : ACE movement up by 5%

Outdoorsman rectifier: ACE action cool down rate 20%

stimulate rectifier: ACE regen 5% max up

Black hole: ACE action cool down 20%

Non anointed:
Developing conference call
Subsidized conference call
Undermining conference call (rad)
Auditing conference call (Cryo)
X2 Cash infused conference call(shock)
×2 Queens call (Cryo)
Queens call(rad)
Venomous hornet(Coro)
Sublime hellshock(shock)
Shredded Devil’s foursome
Gratifying Devil’s foursome
Ginormous Bangarang XL
Poison gunrang XL (coro)
Ginormous gunerang XL
The flood
Reflexive vanquisher
Breath of the dying (coro)
Ruby’s Wrath
Nuclear Jericho
Raid Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Resanant back ham
Catalytic front loader


×2 Berserker loaded dice
Corrosive Stone Cosmic crater
Cryo Stone loaded dice
Cutpurse loaded dice
Icebreaker loaded dice
Ice Spiker loaded dice
Knife dream loaded dice
Expanding deathless
Radio dead loaded dice
Rear-ender loaded dice
Toxic Revenger deathless
Toxic Revenger loaded dice
Corrosive Stone safeguard
×3 unleash the Dragon

Thank you for your time. Let mw know if you have any questions!