First time review/first time posting on any type of Forums

(Zero157) #1

Welp if you’re reading this, you might be here a while because I have a LOT to say.

I personally love this game it gives a very fast paced on the spot/twitch shooter feel. The general controls feels good and the client is not overblown like other games out there (League of Legends, CS:GO) and generally easy to navigate. Even on a weaker PC like mines I can run the game quite smoothly turning the res down to 40 which I think makes it more of a plus to anybody who actually wants the 1v1 Competitive drive to play on weaker machines. Now I do have a lot of my own Ideas I’d like to add but you can disregard them because I’m sure most of my ideas are crazy and would require the game to still be in the early early early dev stages, again they’re just ideas don’t destroy me for them plz i beg.

I do not have too much Game time and I already have so much to talk about. Mechanically the game does well with gravity and hitbox IMO, feel free to disagree but it feels a LOT more responsive than some other shooters I have played so I don’t have anything to complain about there.

man rockets feel so op using it against people and being the one used on. I’d say so myself that it might be the main weapon of the game. all in all jokes aside here’s my opinions on weapons

The Weapons I feel there are some that can have a lot more special features, for example there’s an alternative fire for the half the weapons, but maybe there could be one for all the weapons? i.e

-Shotgun having an alt fire be a time reload mechanic/timer to make your next shot shoot faster?

-Rocket launcher hold down the right click/alt fire to charge it up/fire more rockets but nerf the main firing damage?
Maybe I am just amazed at how powerful it is when I am jumping around 2 shotting people and forcing them into certain thresholds of the map not being able to peek without taking damage although I feel it is great on its own as is because this is a 1v1 fast paced shooter. I would like how it is to stay because then it creates a certain strategy to the game when running it in your loadout.

-Rail Rifle: I do Love this alt fire as it adds mobility and something that opponents have to be weary of when running an in your face shotgun/Excal build but I feel as though maybe it could have a grappling Hook mechanic as well? maybe you can just right click and it fires instantly instead of swapping the shot but once you fire you deal with the consequences that come and as a bonus being able to shoot targets such as a sentry gun or an opponent and pulling them towards you. Sounds dumb I know but there are holes in the map to drop down into death. Maybe not too much of a pull back and reduced damage/slow? would be more balanced for players without a rocket or wasting an offensive skill for it when there are no charges for sentry. Don’t get me wrong I like the sentry as well when running the rail as a combo to cover a lot of ground on the maps but I will be talking more about the Sentry in a bit.

The Skills I would Mainly want to talk about would probably have to be

Bubble Shield: It is an amazing outplay tool IMO being able to block all damage and reflect it, however I feel sort of cheap when using it against players who run the Flame charge and rockets seeing as though I purposely peek/run into danger to get a free kill when they are about a bit above half health. I have not yet tested to see if I can bubble the damage from a bubble to counterplay it so I will keep an update for that in the near future or someone else can answer it/test it out.

Sentry: I really like this perk as a skill in the game because it adds that much more strategy into how you play the maps/control. the damage that it deals is amazing but it feels somewhat lackluster in the durability department seeing as though an off angle from the rocket launcher is an easy out to it. It could be argued that you can just place it in sneakier places for them to run into around corners but I mean if you have a launcher in general and you see the dmg numbers fly up when prefiring corners/trying to predict where enemies are you’d continue shooting it in that area from afar. The maps are kinda small so the clustered areas wouldn’t be all too great for that strat imo. how about another card skill for multiple smaller sentry’s with less damage but you can set them up on walls/underneath platforms etc.? maybe 2 max considering the size of the maps?

Human Flame: Great mobility tool, TONS OF DAYUMAGE and fun to use. Easy kills on those who don’t have much mobility/utility kits or have high cooldowns. FREELO IMO. I’d actually like it to stay the same because not only can it be heavily punished with other skills/dodged with a mobility/blink or even a held down double jump to dodge you can use it to save yourself from death. How it’s used is more of a high risk high reward seeing as though it gets harder to control the longer you use it- falls to death/gunned down mid-air.

Power-ups: I am referring to the vampire/Excal/wallhax orbs(name escaped my mind :confused: )

The powerup perks add a new dimension to the game it makes having you go in with little mini quests that give high reward and for players who don’t use them they really need to be careful about it you should always press tab and check what your enemy is playing and make decisions based off of that. I feel that you can add a variety of difference to those power-ups say as vampire gets more health and regens maybe instead give players a movement speed buff and faster shooting like double tap but name it as a powerup card werewolf or something?

Same for Excal maybe add another legendary blade as a different type of card and Call it Muramasa with a one shot life drain where you just add your opponents entire health bar stacked to yours but the blade leaves after 1 kill?

Maybe like “dogtags” or something after you kill an enemy lets you see footprints of enemy you killed after they spawn but when you die it resets?

Forgive me I just fantasize about all the cool things that I think realistically could be added to the game.

I really enjoy the card slot system that lets you completely choose your style or styles of play when heading into a game.
Cards give a sort of combo for some weapons and playstyles too such as the tesla gun with the wallhax. or adrenaline with rail rifle/humanflame/doublejump. The combos feel good and you can switch it up around to get a feel of what you like or just wanna try out. It gives the game more depth to it. And maybe the longer the game goes the more different types of cards gearbox could add?

Maybe a trade up or a crafting system later on in official release and some nice Skins i guess. Hey I mean if its 1v1 I wanna show off. but that may not be what gearbox would like to add seeing as though all the other games are doing it, prolly wanna be original but either way idc I’d want to frag in style! take my moneyz

This game really hits home with the Quake/UT style feel to it. I enjoy it a lot and can’t wait for the official release.
with that said I’ve finally got all that off my chest. If you read to the end Congrats! Never posted on forums before so I made sure to read the rules and such. It feels nice sharing what I like about the game even though half of it is my own weird ideas that I think make the game more fun. Again mostly ideas that came to me thinking about playing the game when I couldn’t at work. Hope you enjoyed the review!