First time Roland

(Alex) #1

Hey guys, I want to start my first Roland! I am going to primarily be using Assault Rifles I believe and want big clips and lots of bullets so I was wondering if yall thought this would be a good tree to build? However this leaves me with 5 points left over and am not sure where to put them… any advice is much appreciated!

Impact 3/5
Sentry 5/5
Metal Storm 5/5
Refire 2/5
Assault 5/5

Stockpile 5/5
Barrage 5/5

Fitness 5/5
Overload 5/5

(The quick and the dead) #2

Generally speaking, Roland’s turret doesn’t really do that much damage come end game (early game is a different story). So I would remove points from Sentry, Stockpile, and Barrage.
Max out Impact, it’s a better skill that it would appear because the effect stacks multiplicatively with other damage buffs Roland can get (it’s bullet damage, whereas the other effects would be weapon damage, a different variable, and hence they stack multiplicatively).
For the Support tree, I recommend Defense (better than Stockpile imo) into Quick Charge (amazing skill), you can opt for Grenadier if you find yourself liking Grenades too (another good skill).

You will end up with 54 skill points (53 after specing your action skill) once you reach the level cap of 58. However if you have the 3rd DLC, Secret Armory of General Knoxx, you will have 11 more levels and hence 11 more skillpoints, furthermore, both DLC2 and DLC4, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome and Claptrap’s Robot Revolution, there is a bonus skillpoint available from each of the two playthrough from each of them, for up to 4 more. This gives a total of 69 skillpoints (68 after speccing action skill).

I typically use to display skill trees. Here is what I am recommending for you:
This is only up to level 40, after that, I would probably go for Grit into Stat (another amazing skill) in the Medic tree.

Here is what I often run for endgame on Roland:
Works great with all of his offensive coms; Commando, Heavy Gunner, and Rifleman

(Alex) #3

I like it! but I am going to keep stock pile because you regenerate ammo

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #4

If you grab a Support Gunner COM, you’ll have pretty much zero need for Stockpile. Throw on the Support Gunner to regen whatever ammo you need, switch back to your offensive COM, back into the fray you go.

(The quick and the dead) #5

^ Yep, also, putting those last 3/5 into Supply Drop, as I did w/ the full 69 pt build is a better way to get ammo regen, because those supply drops it shoots out regen ammo way faster, and regen ALL of your ammo pools at once. (even Grenades!)

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #6

Here’s the spec I used as a Rifleman: You will see that there’s 8 points left, those can go where ever. This build has everything you need as a Rifleman: AR buffs, DPS buffs, Defense buffs, and near instant turret cooldown for near infinite ammo supply. I say “used as a Rifleman” because I recently changed to a Shock Trooper. However, I still have my Rifleman com, along with the two good ARs I have.